10 Most Liked TikTok Videos Of All Time (2023 Updated!)

This is it, these videos hold the top spots as the most liked videos of all time on TikTok. How long will these hold the top 10 positions? My guess is not long, there are a few other videos nipping at their heels!

most liked tik tok videos

***Things move fast with TikTok and even though we wrote this article last fall the most liked videos below have all been surpassed. We’ve added a new list to add top videos of the current year as well!

This is a crazy year, as TikTok skyrockets in popularity, let’s look at the top video by most likes and see what other videos are catching up to it.

Does TikTok Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile Still?

As is the case with YouTube, there the most viewed video is continually broken by a new up and coming video. We’ve scoured Tiktok to see what exactly are the most viewed and most liked videos. Let’s dive into them. You’ll also notice some trends, with one particular user dominating the top 10 videos.

NEW! The Most Liked TikTok Videos Of All Time

These are the latest TikTok videos you’ll see on your FYP stream, check them out and let us know what you think.

1. Michael Le (@justmaiko) – 24.3 Million Likes & 219 Million Views

Caption: It’s official: we are the CEO’s of this sound?‍♂️? @justjonathan14

Song: AhiChallenge – elrodcontreras

Why We Like It: The combination of synchronized dancing with a little kid on an escalator is awesome. They’re perfectly in sync and nail the dance moves!

@justmaikoits official: we are the CEO’s of this sound?‍♂️? @justjonathan14♬ AhiChallenge – elrodcontreras

2. DAVID DOBRIK (@daviddobrik) – 10.3 Million Likes & 185 Million Views

Caption: World record experiment

Song: original sound – daviddobrik

Why We Like It: You may have done an Elephant Toothpaste experiment but I guarantee you’ve never done it to this scale before. Simply amazing that they filled out the entire back yard of this house and it got to over the height of the roof!

@daviddobrikWorld record experiment♬ original sound – daviddobrik

3. Michael Le (@justmaiko) – 17.4 Million Likes & 152 Million Views

Caption: This is officially my favorite trend?? @javierr @justjonathan14

Song: Hips Don’t Lie – soymiguelgon

Why We Like It: Another escalator dance, this time Michael gets more of his buddies involved. The yell by all three at the end has us rolling, the kids face, the girl spilling her drink, haha.

@justmaikothis is officially my favorite trend?? @javierr @justjonathan14♬ Hips Don’t Lie – soymiguelgon

4. Spencer X (@spencerx) – 16.3 Million Likes & 207 Million Views

Caption: Shaving prank gone wrong ?? #trend #comedy #prank #fail

Song: original sound – spencerx

Why We Like It: This video is hilarious, my guess is he didn’t actually just buzz his eyebrow off, but who knows! If so, it’ll take a while to grow back. Not sure that’s the look he was going for but it sure made the video popular.

@spencerxShaving prank gone wrong ?? ##trend ##comedy ##prank ##fail♬ original sound – spencerx

5. Zach King (@zachking) – 12.7 Million Likes & 2.1 Billion Views

Caption: They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. ?#illusion #magic #harrypotter

Song: Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – zachking

Why We Like It: Who doesn’t like Harry Potter and combine it with some awesome magic and it’s not surprising this one is such a well-liked clip.

@zachkingThey rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. ?##illusion ##magic ##harrypotter♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – zachking

6. Charli D’amelio (@charlidamelio) – 12.5 Million Likes & 144 Million Views

Caption: Decided to get dressed up today

Song: Sean Paul – Get Busy (Shake That Thing) – laurieelle

Why We Like It: No one has become more popular for her dance moves on TikTok than Carli and this is a perfect example. Combine that with a nice blue dress and you have a killer combo.

@charlidameliodecided to get dressed up today♬ Sean Paul – Get Busy (Shake That Thing) – laurieelle

7. Addison Rae (@addisonre) – 12.2 Million Likes & 86.2 Million Views

Caption: Moms reaction to hearing the song @sherinicolee

Song: Addison Rae – The Kid LAROI

Why We Like It: Combine Addison Rae and her cute mom and a song that shouts out to Addison Rae and that’s a great combo. We’re big fans of when TikTok stars include their mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.!

@addisonremoms reaction to hearing the song @sherinicolee♬ Addison Rae – The Kid LAROI

8. Riyaz (@riyaz.14) – 11.6 Million Likes & 199 Million Views

Caption: Tag your favourite person ❤️@avneetkaur_13 #foryou

Song: original sound – Riyaz

Why We Like It: Not sure I entirely get what’s going on here but it looks like a good collaboration between Riyaz and Avneet Kaur. Per usual, collabs do well as they combine audiences from two TikTok influencers. That’s part of why the Hype House has been so popular.

@charlidameliodecided to get dressed up today♬ Sean Paul – Get Busy (Shake That Thing) – laurieelle

9. GIL CROES (@gilmhercroes) – 10.3 Million Likes & 133 Million Views

Caption: Sometimes change is good ?@jaydencroes

Song: Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) – CG5

Why We Like It: If you look back to 2019 you’ll see that Gil Croes made the list of most liked videos. Here he is again with another top hit. This one includes synchronized dancing perfection with a mid-video switch to zombie mode. Killer combo, pun intended 🙂

@gilmhercroesSometimes change is good ?@jaydencroes♬ Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) – CG5

10. Zach King (@zachking) – 8.6 Million Likes & 1.1 Billion Views

Caption: This is the best hiding spot ever #hideandseek #magic

Song: original sound – zachking

Why We Like It: This video is mind-bending, Zach tries to find a hiding spot and when he can’t he “creates one” through some wizardry by climbing into the mirror only to duplicate himself. This is so easy to watch a dozen times and be amazed at how much is in it.

@zachkingThis is the best hiding spot ever ##hideandseek ##magic♬ original sound – zachking

Most Viewed Video By Tok TikTok Stars In 2020

You may be curious who has the most views of any video on TikTok and that would be Zach King with an incredible 2.1 BILLION views on his top video. Below is a table of the top 10 TikTok stars by followers. The list under each one’s name is the number of views (in millions) their top videos have.

You can see it’s not uncommon that some of these stars are regularly getting over 100 million views on their videos.

charli d’amelio Loren Gray Zach King TikTok Riyaz addison rae BabyAriel Spencer X Faisal shaikh GIL CROES
189 122.9 2100 22.3 199.2 116.6 55.1 206.8 59.8 133.1
182.5 116 1100 17.3 55.1 91.6 42.5 135.6 59.7 55.1
144.3 83.2 963 15.3 52.6 86.2 41.3 97.1 57.9 52.6
121 62.7 656.9 12.5 50.5 70 41.2 70.9 46.9 44
111.8 31.4 125.2 7.9 46.6 67.6 21.8 67.8 45.5 33.6
100.1 31.4 112.1 6.9 42.5 62.6 20.9 66.5 43.5 31.6
97.2 30.5 105.8 6.3 41.3 59.3 18.4 60.5 43.1 31.6
97.1 30 93.6 5.7 41.2 58.7 17.8 53.9 42.7 30.3
95.3 27.6 86.3 5.3 40.1 55.6 16 53.4 41.2 29.9
94.9 25.1 80.9 4.4 34 51.5 15.3 50.6 39.4 29.6

The Most Liked TikTok Videos Of All Time (2019)

1. Money is Today – By Awez Darbar (@awezdarbar) – 6.6 Million likes

Caption: Paisa aaj hai kal nahi par apne karm hamesha apne saat rahege #thedesitokers #byou ft.@zaiddarbar

Song: Original sound

Google Translated: Money is today, not tomorrow, but your actions will always be your seven

Why We Like It: This has a great message “to always be humble and treat others equally.” To be honest, I don’t understand what they’re saying in this video but you get the idea, a rich guy is a jerk to someone else and realizes at the end that he should have been nicer.

2. Helping Someone – By Awez Darbar (@awezdarbar) – 6.5 Million likes

Caption: Kisi ko madat karne ki feeling kuch aur hi hoti hai ? #thedesitokers with #teamnawab ❤️

Song: Original sound

Google Translated: The feeling of helping someone is something else

Why We Like It: It’s no wonder Awez dominates the top charts. This video is perfectly done, initially you think they are going to steal this guy’s wallet and then you realize they took it, added their own money to it and basically gave it back by acting like he dropped his wallet. The turn of events from thinking it was a malicious act to a kind and generous act had me fooled at first and at the end leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

3. Water Is Water – By Awez Darbar (@awezdarbar) – 6.5 Million likes

Caption: Maa Maa hoti hai ?❤️ Ft. @shaaimsilkwala @nagmaa #nawez #thedesitokers #byou

Song: Original sound

Google Translated: Water is water until it is

Why We Like It: No idea what they’re saying in this video and most of it is talking without a lot of action. The translated caption is “Water is water until it is” which doesn’t make any sense to me and must be lost in translation. As of now, this one’s a mystery.

4. cutecrush – By jiffpom (@jiffpom) – 6.4 Million likes

Caption: cutecrush

Song: Original sound

Why We Like It: Take the cutest little puppy in the world and put a sweater on him and make him look sad. It will melt hearts and leave people wishing they could cuddle up with this good boy.

5. Do Good – By Awez Darbar (@awezdarbar) – 6.4 Million likes

Caption: Do good & good will come to you #karma ? #thedesitokers #byou #edutok

Song: Original sound

Why We Like It: We’ve seen something similar to this before with the Liberty Mutual “pay it forward” commercial. This was smart of Awez, take a hit commercial that has a great message and repurpose it to your own TikTok video. Be kind and others will be kind to you.

6. bohot hard – By garimachaurasia996 (@gima_ashi) – 6.4 Million likes

Caption: bohot hard w/@rugeesvini #gullykalakar myoutfit #bohothard #emyway_bantai #featurethis

Song: Original sound

Why We Like It: Two hot girls, dressed all in black dancing to a great song. Need we say more.

7. Acts of Kindness – By Awez Darbar (@awezdarbar) – 6.2 Million likes

Caption: “Every act of kindness is charity.” – Prophet Muhammad ? #ramadan

Song: Original sound

Why We Like It: Notice a trend here? The most popular TikTok videos by Awez all involve either an act of kindness or a strong message. He’s fantastic at this and the degree to which he can show purpose, vulnerability, and character in his videos the more people love him.

8. ? – By ? Lucas and Marcus ?(@dobretwins) – 5.7 Million likes

Caption: ?

Song: Original sound

Why We Like It: Synchronized dancing, a backflip, and a great song. All done in what appears to be a Walmart. We’ve seen it time and time again, synchronized dancing to a great song is usually a recipe for success.

9. Me Annoying – By GIL CROES (@gilmhercroes) – 5.7 Million likes

Caption: Me annoying @jaydencroes be like…???? srry but not srry bro?? #croesfam | insta: gilmhercroes ?

Song: Blewwwwwww HA~HA~HA !- T_Saif

Why We Like It: This is a weird one, basically this has an old school Jim Carrey vibe with the faces this guy is making. Sort of strange enough that we want to watch it a couple of times to make sure we get it all.

10. How We Communicate – By JAY CROES?(@jaydencroes) – 4.6 Million likes

Caption: How me and @gilmhercroes communicate ??? #truestory #comedy / Follow my instagram: jaydencroes ?

Song: Blewwwwwww HA~HA~HA !- T_Saif

Why We Like It: This is the same type of video as in #9 but the other brother. Same thing, kind of weird enough that we watch it a couple of times and the faces these guys make are pretty funny.

Interesting TikTok Video Facts

  • Awez Darbar (@awezdarbar) has 5 of the top 10 most liked videos on TikTok as of 2019! While he is clearly leading the pack with the most popular videos, he only ranks 17th globally for TikTok followers.
  • 6 of the top 6 TikTok videos are from two Indian TikTok superstars. That goes to show just how popular the app is with India as well as the United States.
  • The TikTok account with the most likes across all of their videos is Loren Gray (@lorengray) with 2.07 BILLION likes.
  • Of the top 20 TikTok accounts by followers, only 5 of them are brand accounts (including @tiktok itself). This means there’s a huge opportunity for brands to become larger players in the TikTok community.
  • The TikTok account of Lisa and Lena would rank second with over 32.7 million followers but they deleted their account in March of 2019 due to privacy concerns.

*Note: It’s hard to say if the Team 07 accounts on TikTok that were deactivated could have had enough likes on their videos to reach the top 10. Many of the Indian Team 07 member’s accounts were deleted due to their posting of hate speech. While the team was incredibly popular in India, TikTok felt they crossed the line and thus removed their accounts.

That wraps up our 2019 list of the top 10 videos by likes (hearts) on TikTok. Any other ones we missed? If so, head over to the feedback buttons right below this and let us know! We’d be happy to add more to our top list!

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  1. im not really a big fan of charli d milieo no hate tho and someone plz tell me why is everyone love david dobrick

  2. Mi pan su su sum, su su su…Mi pan yakakus, ñan ñan ñan. This TikTok has 16.1M likes and it’s by awa_de_horchata_uwu



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