Titles For Friends: Fun & Cute Nicknames

Finding the perfect title for your friend can be a fun process and here we help you figure out that true nickname that matches your friendship.

No matter what your age is, we all rely on having best friends to lighten up our day, support us when we’re down, and go on epic adventures.

Here we cover a whole host of different best friend titles. Let’s dive in!

Definition Of Titles For Friends: Titles for friends are nicknames that you call your best friends that are truly unique and special to that person.

Similar to nicknames, titles can involve an inside joke or a special bond that others may not realize.

Titles For Friends

bcc8fbf8 titles for friends

You may need a bit of help to come up with your own friendship titles and the image above should help you get you on your way.

Often times it’s important to have some help to get you started with ideas first and from there you can come up with your own.

You’re welcome to use these or if you would rather you can use these as a starting point.

Having trouble coming up with a creative title? Research shows there are things you can do to boost your creativity.

Have a drink (if you’re of age), take a nap, listen to music, etc. What works best for me? I go for a walk when I need to think!

100 Friendship Titles
Ms. Dimples Lover Stud
Pretty-ums Scum Coke Zero
Gooseybutt Snacks Pebblybutt
Poppet Swiss Miss Skimmer
Muffin Dropout Boo
Grim Sweet Tea Loose tooth
Zuper friend Poopy Quacky
PB&J Boo Two Ghini
Pearl Troof Sweet
Techie Sweet Doll Jade
Smudge Pickle Dear Buttercream
Cat Bestie Squirrel
Fruity General Cherry
2Meter Smartie Straight-A
Rabbit Creep Slick Chick
Ms. Congeniality Dodge Sadness
Yoshi Puppy French Dip
Muggle Terminator Rapunzel
Admiral La-T Dorito
Taco Hercules The Guy
Ducky Momo Leaf Night Flight
Luna Dud Shortie
Mama Long Legs Pickles Dracula
Lucky Charm Snuggles Sapphire
Bat Ahoy captain! AC/DC
Ritzie Cookie Brocolini
SweetFox Peppa Pig Weird Eye
Radish Bub Lego
Cadillac Sweet Little Dumpling Beanpole
Cutie Mama Waffles Hoodie
Opal Ladybug Fiddle
Beautiful Pancakes Lion
Heartie Tyrie Soul Friend

Friend Title Quotes

  • “Strangers think I’m quiet, my friends think I’m out-going, my best friends think I’m insane!”
  • “There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become your family.”
  • “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.”
  • “Friendship is like pissing your pants! Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.”
  • “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”
  • “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have that truly matters in life.”

Best Friend Titles

f435ce1b titles for best friends

Best friends are a different breed, they go above and beyond anyone else and hold a special place in your heart and life.

Given that, a best friend title should be unique and special. Not just anyone can fill in that role.

True best friends help us when we’re most in need, sick, depressed, down on luck, etc

. That means we’re indebted to their friendship and that you will be there for that person when their luck turns sour.

Evolution has built in friendships to help us cope and overcome adversity in life.

100 Best Friend Titles
Boo Two Cheddar Peach O
Ittie Bubble Butt Joy
Smoochie Princesa Butterfinger
DigDig Engineer Doodle Bug
Puma Forever Amiga Senior
Heisenberg Cutie Cakes Foxy Lady
Twix Smiles Fido
Turkey Melt Sweetie-kins Lecter
Ray Charles Wonderfriend Golden Graham
Aspen Alfa Romeo Huggsie
Sweet Toe Miss/Missy Bossy
Cutie Coo Lefty Sneezy
Gum Petal Poker Face
Teacup Dummy Hun
Ghoulie Smirk Charcoal
Creepy Oldie Attila
Midge Speedy Snickerdoodle
Beef Jerky Spacecraft Biffle
Bellsby Leppard Giggle-loo
Lady Killer Hot-stuff Cuddle Pig
Impro Sweet’n Sour Streako
Dunkin Donut Sparkly Fat Guy
Tutu Colossus Koala
Triscuit Fr8tr8 Mad Max
Atom Plum Misty
Luv Dumbledore Piglet
Hulk Kitty Till Toe
Pretty Dish Poppy Bootsie
Chica Lovely Marshmallow Mama
Friendo Superman BFFL
Cutie Pie Lucera Dimples
Sneezy Tadpole Albus
Baby Seal Stopper Plum Cake

Best Friend Quotes:

  • “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”
  • “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”
  • “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”
  • “Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together.”

Titles For Friends (With Benefits)

8292f3b2 titles for friends with benefits

Sometimes friends turn into a bit more, friends with benefits. I’m sure I don’t have to warn you, this can turn bad if things go sour because then you lose a boyfriend/girlfriend as well as your friend.

But, sometimes you just can’t help it, that spark ignites and it’s hard to ignore.

Whether they mean to be or not, things happen. Let’s celebrate those friends with benefits with a few titles.

I recommend thinking of how that person is special to you and a feature or characteristics about them that you love.

Use that as your title and it will be more personal. For example, if they have cute little freckles you could use the nickname spot or freckle.

100 Friends With Benefits Titles
Honey Babs Bunny Whale
Longtongue Boromir Tirto
Tater Minnie Darlin’
Sunny Splitz Mickey
Doctor Care Bear Turkey Leg
Hershey Twin Threat Lamb
Metal Grease Chief
Chile Lolita Dirt
Cheese Chili Voila
Tarantino Paco Olive
Buds Backbone Bandit
Lamby Glug Princess
Sillygilly New Moon Sassy
Pixie Stick Biscuit The Ruben
The Court King Winter
Benz Baby Girl Balboa
Moose Numbers Newton
Papito Fly Smookie
Sport Corto Puzzle
Virgil Hawk Doll
BIFF Architect Red Hot
Monkey Ford Dimpling
Otter Summer Furb
Gump Kid Pop Tart
Frio Fattykitten Eve
Pluto Betty Boop Wiffle
BigX Music Man Pinkie
Streetlamp Titanium Happiness
Little Doe Middle Earth Star
Prairiedog Goofy Monto
Maggie Dearie Eliza
Tart Strawberry Judge
Shorty Plastic Queen Bee

Funny Titles For Friends

7063a3ce funny titles for friends

Last on the list are titles that have a bit of fun in them.

If your friendship is jovial and you like to play around and joke, these funny friendship titles are perfect for you.

Of course, you know what you think is funny and so does your friend so don’t forget to use something that will be funny to you and your friend too.

After all, humor is in the eye of the beholder.

100 Funny Friendship Titles
Twizzler Cats Eye Aura
Fiero Maus Bitch
Mini Mini Sassy B!tch Rolly Polly
Bellasky Treehopper Tweedledum
Booboo Contesa American Cheese
Orbit Itsy Bitsy Old Lady
Quinta Ziggy Tuktuk
Double Double Love Guru Dearie Pie
Captain America Bandman Flower Child
The Mechanic Puff Puff Loca
Gangster Rockette Monster
Mist Cuddle Bug Halfling
Iron Secrets Voldemort
Pipo Hammer Sync
Bubbles Cowboy Tea Time
Mount Doom Spice Ozzy
Cupcake Precious Boo Bear
Pretty Fox Slick Cher
Chatter Box Doofus Maestro
Tinkerbell Meercat Vesuvius
Pixie Sparrow Tiramisu
Robo Decline Quillsby
Dunce Hearty Pyscho
Prez Tonezone Apple Jack
Prego Chainlink Teeny
Fury Honeybun Crumbles
Rambo Dottie B!tch
Nutella Saruman Frauline
Bambi Nanner Blingo
Batman Volcano Heart
Pretty Lady Beanie Torta
Rose Tiny Gringott’s
Ringo Mamacita Lubber

That wraps up our titles for friends, hopefully, we helped you come up with some great nicknames that you can use.

Have any titles that aren’t on the lists above, if so leave them in the comments below!

We love to hear from you and your ideas and make sure to hug your friend the next time you see him/her!

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