100+ Cool Xbox Names & Gamertag Generator

A cool Xbox name can enhance your entire gaming experience. Gamertags should represent you, how you play and what you play. That's why we're here, to help you with the perfect name.
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Trust me, your Xbox name is an important decision and one that you should spend more than 15 seconds on.

That’s why this page exists, we help you along the path of coming up with the most amazing name that perfectly represents you.

We’re eager to hear what names you wind up with and if this helps, give a comment below and share what gamertag you chose.

It’s always fun to see what unique things people come up with!

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Xbox Name Generator

Your cool new Xbox gamertag is:

Xbox Gamertag Ideas

So, we have the list of cool Xbox names below but it’s always useful to do some thinking and come up with ideas for your own original gamertag.

We’ll work to help you come up with a unique name and these tips should help.

  • What Type Of Player Are You? 

The first thing we recommend is thinking about what type of player you are and similarly what type of person you are.

Are you the class clown, are you athletic, are you on Xbox as a serious gamer or a weekend frat boy who likes to release stress by blowing up some zombies?

Once you decide what type of player you are, it’ll be easier to narrow in on your gamertag.

  • Take Pieces Of Your Real Life.

If your name is Ashley, consider using that in your gamertag somewhere or a nickname or abbreviation related to it.

Live in Dallas, Texas, consider using that in your name as well.

However, keep in mind that you don’t want to give too much information especially if you’re female. There are a lot of creeps out there.

  • Literal Or Creative?

Some people choose to have a very literal gamertag.

For example, “WitcherKiller” is as literal as you can get. You know instantly that person likes to play Witcher.

On the other hand, consider a very different name like “PoopsickleDreams” that is clever and creative but doesn’t tell you much about the person and isn’t very literal.

The best you can get from that is that probably this person likes to joke around.

Think of which type of name you want, literal and creative and then continue to narrow down.

  • You Be You.

 The best advice we can give is to come up with a name that uniquely is you.

The questions above will help prompt you to narrow down the options but ultimately you’ll know when you land on the right name.

It will feel good and right and make you proud to display it to others.

Whether your goal is to make someone chuckle or fear you, it should represent you.

How To Change Your Xbox Name

Xbox has made it super easy to change your gamertag to a new one. You can, of course, do it on your Xbox itself.

However, if you don’t have your Xbox around or if you’d prefer to do it online follow the tutorial below.

I’ll show you the links to go to and the steps to change your name.

The link to change your Xbox name online is the following: https://social.xbox.com/changegamertag

Xbox Name Limits & Restrictions

Unfortunately, while you may have the perfect Xbox name in mind, you have to make sure it fits within the rules and limits that Microsoft sets for gamertags.

Here we’ll cover the general rules that you will have to keep in mind, of course, this doesn’t take into account if that name you really wanted is actually taken.

But, we have some solutions for that as well and ideas on how to get that perfect name even if it’s taken.

In October of last year, Xbox changed its rules surrounding Xbox names and the languages they support.

Xbox made the change because “All players should be able to express themselves proudly in their native language.”

They added that “We’re making this change to empower players around the world with more choice in how they represent themselves.”

Xbox Name Limits:

  • All Xbox gamertags must be 12 characters or less
  • If the gamertag is already in use, Xbox will add “#” and some numbers to the end of the username
  • Xbox supports more than 200 languages worldwide
  • Xbox does not allow:
    • Profane words or phrases
    • Topics or content of a sexual nature
    • Hate speech
    • Controversial religious topics
    • Notorious people or organizations
    • Sensitive current or historical events
    • Any “sound-alike” or “lookalike” words, phrases, or puns that reference these topics

Xbox will allow anyone to change their gamertag, even if they have changed it in the past.

The main focus of this change is to allow anyone to choose the name that they want and best represent themselves (with some numbers added to the suffix).

Cool Xbox Names

621e379c xbox gamertags
6okean / stock.adobe.com
  1. S C Λ R Ξ D – Are you scared, if not, you should be scared of this gamertag.
  2. DrizzyDrake10 – The Drake lovers are hitting up Xbox big time.
  3. ProbablyCheating – Don’t tell anyone, but I may be cheating. Try to kill me if that makes you mad, bro.
  4. ChildSoldier – People him the kid, except this kid kills.
  5. Simbol – What’s your symbol, mine’s pain, and gains.
  6. LocalButcher – He’s got all the meat you’ll ever want, diced and sliced.
  7. HellNBack – She’s been to hell and back and you don’t want to know the things she’s seen.
  8. Federals1 – The authority on here, better believe they keep people like you in check.
  9. Typical Gamer – Everything is average about him, even his gun size.
  10. UrTrash – And he’ll take you out like the trash that you are.
  11. …Loading… – Oh, he’s a clever one, better keep an eye on this one.
  12. Peasant Slayer – Better watch out, this gamertag beats up on unsuspecting peasants, real badass.
  13. WidowMaker – If you have a wife or husband, hide them, this person makes widows!
  14. HitmanHanzo – This is for the Overwatch fans out there.
  15. Doomfist – This gamer will bring doom with his fist, you don’t stand a chance.
  16. Soldier 23 – This gamertag is the MJ of soldiers, the GOAT of killing.
  17. JunkRat – Better watch out, this player eats pieces of junk just like you for breakfast.
  18. RoadHog – Biker meets gamer, what an exciting combo.
  19. Moira – Oh Moira, we wish you wouldn’t do this to us.
  20. Dakotaz – Growing up in the Dakotas leaves one particularly skilled at being a badass.
  21. DeadlySlob – Who says he can’t eat pizza while killing zombies!
  22. TomTheTatman – Covered in tats, this player is coming to get you.
  23. Blaziken – Good chance this person lives in Colorado and is named Ken. Very clever, Ken.
  24. Not_true – Never believe what’s not true, but what is true after all.
  25. MorningCoffee – You know this player can’t start their day without a cup of coffee!
  26. MsBlond – Don’t let the blond curls deceive you, they’re deadly.
  27. BugsUnderRugs – This is a serious matter, get the exterminator
  28. Mongraal – This gamer is a mongrel, don’t cross their path.
  29. LΛZΞRED – Meet my team, Lazer, Blazer, Grazer, Tazer, and Ms. Mazer
  30. DetroitShield – This gamertag works with any city, like NewYorkShield or HoustonShield.
  31. SlingTrash – Who’re you calling a trash slinger? Oh me? That’s right!
  32. UnclePsycho – No one, I repeat, no one likes Uncle Psycho.
  33. WhiteBear – Combine your favorite color and animal and there you go, a great Xbox name.
  34. MasaThug – Masa means corn, so technically you’re a corn thug. Cool bruh.
  35. YobiYoda – Baby Yoda deceives us all with his cuteness and then ATTACKS when we’re least suspecting it.
  36. TimmyTurtle – Not necessarily the scariest gamertag out there but it does have a nice jingle to it.
  37. RippedNTilted – Wanna bet this gamer drives a Jeep?
  38. Just_Me – Oh, well, that doesn’t sound too bad at all then.
  39. LeoInFlames – Leo better find himself a pitcher of water, stat!
  40. LivinLiloka – Living that good life.
  41. ShiageDog – I’m done with brushing that damn dog.
  42. XxAronxX – Please, don’t use “x” excessively in your name, it’s 2020.
  43. MentalSlavery – That doesn’t sound too bad.
  44. WelcomToVietnam – Sounds a little cooler than WelcomeToDelaware
  45. LilBoiBand – You’ve always wanted to be in a boy band, now’s your chance.
  46. Hiradaira – Sounds cool at least.
  47. h3rsher – Don’t underestimate using numbers to replace letters, a great way to get a name that’s otherwise taken.
  48. ThotnessSauce – Never discriminate, thots are welcome here.
  49. BeautiƒulGrief – So emo of this gamer, cheer up kid.
  50. SaltySami – Not sure if you’re referring to a sandwich here? I hope so.

Funny Xbox Names

58c897a7 funny xbox names
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  1. FartinLutherKing – The sneak attack you never suspected.
  2. StarkTony – Grab your iron suit and kick some ass.
  3. ChubbyYordle – Pretty sure I’ve seen you at Taco Bell.
  4. HotWebCamBoy – Leave nothing to the imagination here.
  5. Hammywham8 – Let me stretch my hammy first, then you’re gonna get it.
  6. Brain_Pudding – My brain is the smartest brain of all the brains.
  7. FannyLover95 – This sounds all too accurate, grannies come and get it.
  8. ElSensualito – This gamer is sensitive when they need to be, but don’t take advantage of that.
  9. MoistenMe3 – I’ll just leave this here for interpretation.
  10. WindowFrame – I’m guessing this gamer just looked up and was like, “Hey, that’s a window frame.”
  11. GassyJalapeno – Spicy bean jalapeno burrito, extra Cholula hot sauce.
  12. Euphorbia5 – Although this is a plant, it makes me think of other things.
  13. HashBrownTown – Welcome to this hash brown town, population me and my McGriddles and hashbrowns.
  14. CheekyBunny – Very clever of this player, but I kill bunnies for lunch.
  15. FATnowSLIM – I’m not even gonna kill you, no really, congrats on the healthy lifestyle choices.
  16. YoloSwagforJesus – Represent the big guy, the one that would have loved Halo.
  17. OsamaBinModdin – No way this person plays 1 minute without being taken out every time.
  18. CumSponge99 – We all have our talents, don’t we?
  19. BrendaFromBingo – Brenda is so super nice, she’s my bingo partner.
  20. WickedWeiner – I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or a curse, I feel bad for anyone who finds out.
  21. SkeetRanger10 – Roaming across the country, a vagabond of the new age.
  22. Type2Diabetes – I hope you’re eating healthy Karen, we don’t want to have to remove one of your limbs.
  23. About23Cats – I’m guessing dinner parties at this gamer’s house don’t go very well.
  24. ASmallBaby – Is this supposed to keep me from killing you? Because it won’t.
  25. FloatyTurd – It happens to the best of us, just glad you’re able to own it.
  26. ShaqDaddyLegs – These legs will get me places and at those places, I’m going to kill people.
  27. FrostedMangina – Is it similar to a frosted margarita?
  28. EatAssGainMass – The motto of the millennial man.
  29. JewishTurkey – Jews love turkey, but they love it the day after and on a bagel the best.
  30. MisterSisterFister – Sometimes you hate your sister and other times you love your sister.
  31. MorbidlyObeast – Don’t get in the way of this gamer, they’ll squash you.
  32. GuanCena – Do you think John Cena uses this name?
  33. Bukkacalypse – I hate to see this coming.
  34. Dilbert – Perhaps the funniest name in the entire world.
  35. Icantfindmydad – Someone help this poor kid find their dad!
  36. ChildishBambino – Love his music, but the dancing is better.
  37. TryHardXboxName – Some people try just as hard as they can and you have to praise them for the effort at least.
  38. Hancholo – For all those Star Wars fans out there.
  39. Like88Asians – Similar to the cats one, when you kill them it’ll say “you killed Like88Asians”
  40. MyKneeGrow – Anyone know why this is funny? If so leave it in the comments below.
  41. TheObamacare – Obama’s not the only one that cares, so do you.
  42. GirthBrooks – I think I know who uses this gamertag. You can’t hide from us!
  43. KimJongIllest – This is a classic that’ll never die.
  44. Jewpacabra – Only found in the deep dark woods, it’s reclusive and feeds primarily on bagels with lox.
  45. BigB0tyJudy – Again, I think this is Judge Judy’s gamertag. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  46. YourWaifuU – Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.
  47. HaloReachAround – This gamer reaches around to give his enemies big hugs.
  48. WalkingHawking – Is this too soon? Probably not.
  49. ChrisPBacon – A classic, a true classic.
  50. Selppintac – Read it backward, fine sir.

How To Check Xbox Name Availability

Checking to see if an Xbox name is taken is super easy and can be done both online and on your Xbox console.

A quick Google search will pop up some 3rd party sites that will tell you they check the name availability. While there’s nothing wrong with them, they may not be 100% perfect.

Why risk it when it’s easy enough to just check on Xbox directly.

To check the Xbox name availability directly on Xbox follow these steps:

080b9272 check xbox name availability

  • First, head over to: https://social.xbox.com/changegamertag
  • Make sure you login to your Xbox account using your username and profile
  • You’ll see a screen similar to the screenshot above with your current gamertag and a box to fill in your new gamertag.
  • Enter in your desired new gamertag and click “Check availability”
  • If the exact username is taken, you will see a screen similar to the one below where they take your username and tack on “#” and 4 numbers to the end of it. If the username is truly available and free Xbox won’t add numbers to the end.

1210dfe0 taken xbox name

That wraps up our guide to some of the coolest Xbox names on the planet.

Be sure to share what name you came up with in the comments below so we can share the fun and excitement!

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