100+ Aesthetic Roblox Usernames Well Worth Your 1K Robux!

Roblox has 100 million active users, which means a lot of great Roblox usernames are already taken. That's why we're here, to help you come up with an aesthetic name your friends will be jealous of.

roblox usernames

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Roblox Username Generator

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Roblox is officially more popular than Minecraft, which means finding the right username can be a headache.

The incredibly popular gaming platform allows developers to create their own games and monetize them on Roblox.

Game developers now make to the tune of $100 million in revenue as Roblox is valued at $2.5 billion.

It’s important to know what makes a good username and a bad username, which is why we’re here to help!

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? 23 Aesthetic Roblox Usernames of 2020
? 20 Aesthetic Roblox Usernames of 2019
? Funny Roblox Usernames
? Aesthetic Roblox Usernames
?‍♀️ Roblox Usernames For Girls
? Cool Roblox Names

Jump Ahead To These Great Tips!

? Roblox Username Ideas
? Roblox Username Limits & Restrictions
How To Check If A Roblox Username Is Not Taken
How To Change Your Roblox Username
How To Get More Robux To Buy A New Aesthetic Username?

roblox username

? 23 Most Aesthetic Roblox Usernames

We got lots of great comments and unfortunately, a lot of the aesthetic usernames we gave in previous years are now taken!

So we added a fresh new list of Roblox usernames below that we’ve checked and they’re all available when we last checked.

  • neon_ned
  • angelin_light
  • angel_bebright
  • neons_neons
  • purrple_clouds
  • roserelay
  • moonlight_minow
  • midnight12_moon
  • crystal_crushing
  • stars_offun
  • starry_knighty
  • tranquility_tom
  • grove_gate
  • crush_cannot
  • onecellar_door
  • violet_violas
  • wildn_wonderful
  • scarlet_scarves
  • surreal_sounds
  • crispy_pies
  • ethereal_worlds
  • crushing_alot
  • wildflower_wonder

? 20 Most Aesthetic Roblox Usernames of 2019

It’s hard to be the best, but these usernames take the cake.

They’re the best we’ve seen in 2019 and will surely make your friends smile and just a bit jealous.

Some of these use popular trends from this year and of course, there are different trends for each year.

What you could do is choose a username that’s popular today based on some event, song, movie, etc. Or, another method is to choose a username that is timeless and will be relevant and popular for years to come.

baddie roblox username

  • NachoMenRanchySalad
  • Uriethra_Franklin
  • Bruginators
  • HaterFistinators
  • WheresMyDamHat
  • FaddieSpell
  • TheAmazingly_fun
  • MrAsasin_pow
  • CaptainDictators
  • Mastered_U
  • SisterMiister
  • FullFlowFlexBow
  • RobloxLuxxe
  • Mr_Roboloxo
  • GunBallzin
  • PopsicleMePlease
  • DrBroseidon
  • Durpledore_somemore
  • SharkBeaters
  • BearsLoveHug

? Funny Roblox Usernames

It’s good to laugh and these usernames will do just that.

Have a chuckle or laugh so hard you pee yourself a bit, these are legit funny!

This depends on your personality a bit and your sense of humor.

Some of these will be funnier to different people and if you come up with a funny name then if other people find it funny they get your sense of humor.

funny roblox names

  • ChillingMyGnomies
  • KingDairy_Queens
  • HugsForDrubs
  • UsernameNotCopied
  • Rambo_4Life
  • WheresMyCookieNookie
  • ChubbyLetsSnuggle
  • JellyBott_om
  • DontRunJustEat
  • JackThePotts
  • Cheeseburger_Karen
  • DustedBall
  • Tho_Boz
  • GiveMeMyName_back
  • GetInNicolasCage
  • Sleeping_Baddies
  • EatBananas4Life
  • PeedAWittle
  • HeyHi_HowIsYou
  • Default_NameTaken

? Aesthetic Roblox Usernames

Let’s be honest, you’re aesthetic right?

Well then, let’s find a username to match your style and grace. Aesthetic is a new trend so you may be a bit confused about how much it’s used these days.

Aesthetic means something that is nice to look at or a pleasant sound. Hence a beautiful song could be aesthetic the same as a beautiful person could be aesthetic.

You can’t buy vision, and you can’t buy aesthetic. Travis Scott

*NOTE: The list below has been updated for since lots of the usernames below were taken so we’ve added a fresh new list of aesthetic usernames. Every one of these usernames was available when last checked.

  • aesthetically_mean
  • asleep_dream
  • tiny_yetmighty
  • strongn_fierce
  • sun_skin
  • sour_applesauce
  • taken_breaken
  • day_dreamteam
  • gold_gate
  • saltsandsun
  • sunlit_me
  • skies_sobright
  • golden_flitter
  • moonlight_bars
  • saltysprays
  • dreaming_ofme
  • silverin_space
  • me_amagirl
  • me_amaboy
  • tokoclock

Aesthetic Roblox Usernames From 2019:

velvet roblox username

  • VelveteenCollective
  • AJuicedPeach
  • Silver_Badd
  • HoneyBunnyCove
  • FireMeUpTruck
  • SaltySunlitBaes
  • SugarOrSweet
  • SaltNSun_Fun
  • DrankAlmondMilk
  • MochiYes_No
  • ALemonKid
  • ADayDreamToStay
  • WaterMeFlowered
  • SweetIceTeaBee
  • BrokenAndBaddie
  • MoonSoAesthetic
  • GoldenTearsJoy
  • LetsWanderLust
  • OverHereDreamin
  • LuxorLady

?‍♀️ Roblox Usernames For Girls

It’s true, girls rule and deserve both princess and sassy usernames that fit their personality.

These usernames are perfect for any girl.

In fact, there are more girls on Roblox than guys so that means you’ll find lots of girlfriends.

On the other hand, you’ll also have more competition to find a new and original username since there are more “girl specific” usernames that are taken.

girl usernames roblox

  • APeachiePeach
  • LilMissMayflower
  • GoldNPinkPlease
  • AngelxxxxxxWings
  • DolphinsLoveDancing
  • BabieDancer
  • ABaddieBae
  • ImCuteInPink
  • HotAsAshes
  • MoonlitDancers
  • ASpringRainbow
  • Autumns4Snuggles
  • YourWinterWonder
  • SummerSunSas
  • AHam_Star
  • SeeMeeBee3
  • VibrantMeg
  • LovesCake_Me
  • GotSwagger4Days
  • FreshestFairy

? Cool Roblox Names

If you’re cool then you have to show it, These Roblox names are a good place to start to show your friends how badass you really are.

This is a bit subjective since what you think is cool might not be cool to other people.

You may think Ariana Grande is cool but your friend thinks Billie Eilish is cooler. It all depends on the person.

roblox road username

  • SilkSoFresh
  • WeRideNSlide
  • ComfyKart
  • MicahAFlame
  • AdmiralOfFuntown
  • TalesOfTheGreat
  • Random9356
  • ImCravingCake
  • ARobloxSpi
  • Soccer4Sas
  • PoisonedInParis
  • PinchMeGames
  • BiteTheLime
  • FinestOfFans
  • WalkOnRobloxRoad
  • RebelsRoar
  • Howling4Me
  • FinnCali
  • NomNomChompskies
  • TargetTalker

? Roblox Username Ideas

Given how many people are on Roblox, it’s really hard to find a good name to use.

The frustrating part is you spend an hour thinking of a name and you land on something that’s perfect only to find out it’s taken or not available.

The 10 tips and ideas below will help you find variations of that perfect username so that you can use it and not overlap with existing users.

roblox username ideas

Idea 1: Trevor1010. This is a combination of First name + favorite numbers or year you signed up for Roblox. This is a standard people tend to use, a combination of their name and some numbers gives it an aesthetic look.

Idea 2: Hold_The_Door. If a username is taken, add “_” and try again. You can also add the underscore to various places. It mainly makes sense if you add underscores where words start and end but you could always add an underscore anywhere you want into the username.

Idea 3: SoccerSally. Name along with favorite sport, this can also be used for favorite location, food, song, etc. Think of what’s important to you and include that with your name in some clever combination.

Idea 4: SwiftFan. Fan of a famous singer like Taylor Swift or someone else. Keep in mind, you may not be a fan of what you currently like forever. If it’s a fad, consider something that will last a bit longer than a summer.

taylor swift fan
Taylor Swift ‘Swiftie’ from Urban Dictionary

Idea 5: Babe4Babe. Add a number like 4 instead of “For” to see if it’ll be available, another popular one is to replace “Great” with “Gr8.” This only works for a certain number of words but it is a good way to mix things up.

Idea 6: KittieKauai. Replace letters with other letters with the same sound, like “ly” with “ie” can be a good option. This is called phonetic replacement and is commonly used to insert curse words without getting flagged, but we don’t recommend doing it because you could get banned.

Idea 7: Oppie. Use variations or nicknames of words, for instance, if your name is Opal you could use Oppie. If your name is William this doesn’t help much as there are tons of Wills but if you have a more unusual name and take a nickname of that unusual name it could work out in your favor.

Idea 8: QueenHaleyK. You can use your middle initial to be able to use your first name in a username. You don’t want to give away too much of your personal information so I would limit use to your first name and middle initial. I don’t recommend including even your first letter of your last name for privacy purposes.

Idea 9: TheBestBabe. Add words like “The”, “Best”, “True”, “Real”, etc. to your username to make variations. After all, you’re the best babe!

Idea 10: AntiStarly. Add prefixes and suffixes to make variations of the words. This is a good way to make up random names or words that don’t really mean anything but can be just as aesthetic as real words.

Roblox Username Limits & Restrictions

Roblox usernames have gone through significant changes since Roblox first started in 2005.

Here is a list of what to consider when coming up with your own username. Keep in mind it has to fall within these limits.

With 268,398 4-letter usernames still available as of late 2018 / early 2019 there are still lots to choose from, you just have to dig a bit deeper to find them!

Roblox Username Limits Example
Username must be 3 to 20 characters. At up to 20 characters you literally have trillions of options to choose from. The problem is, finding a good username from the jumbled mess. No one wants their username to be “ioehtglkehgset”. roblox username length limit
No more than 2 underscores (_) and the username can’t start or end with an underscore. This is a huge plus. The problem is if you randomly come up with a username and it’s taken you can add underscores where need be and have a better chance of the username being available. roblox underscore username
Usernames can’t be only numbers, they have to include some letters in them. As you can see to the right you can’t just have numbers. The likely reason for this is because Roblox doesn’t want people to have their phone number as their username. Hence, the safety precaution. roblox number username
No spaces or special characters ($, ., &, @, etc.) allowed, hence why underscores are helpful. A lot of random characters can mess with the coding on the back end of a site, also it’s common that companies limit their usernames to readable letters and numbers. This helps with the overall aesthetic of different usernames throughout the platform. roblox special characters
No private information such as your first and last name, age, location, etc. This is pretty obvious, with an age limit of 13 and older you don’t want to have personal information out there. Some creepy 50-year-old doesn’t need to know what your full name is. roblox private information
No copying other people’s usernames, banned usernames, etc. This is a no brainer, you can’t take a username that’s already in use or has been banned for some reason or another. roblox already username
No inappropriate words or copyrighted text. Roblox doesn’t want to be sued for copyright infringement and they don’t want curse words in usernames. This is a platform for teens and young adults primarily so they want to make sure it’s all PG. roblox inappropriate words
Lastly, you can’t have Robloxian with a bunch of numbers behind it because this is what Roblox automated bots and assigned usernames use. This is a technical limit in the username, Roblox automatically assigns usernames sometimes and doesn’t want their system to overlap with usernames people have chosen. robloxian

How To Check If A Roblox Username Is Not Taken

It’s actually pretty easy to figure out if a Roblox username is taken already.

You don’t even need to download the app first because Roblox gives you a way to check the username availability online.

  1. First, head to https://www.roblox.com/account/signupredir
  2. Next, you need to add in a birthday. If you’re not actually signing up you can just add a random birthday. It doesn’t have to be your real birthday and you don’t need to make it so that you’re over the 13-year-old limit. Literally, you can select your birthday as yesterday.
  3. Then, start typing in the username you want. The fun thing is you don’t need to go through the entire fields and hit sign up just to find out the username is taken.
You can, on the fly, change letters, add letters and remove letters.
For example, I have TaylorSwiftFan as my starter username, which not surprisingly is taken.
But, add in a “u” after the “o” and it phonetically sounds the same. Just like that, “TaylourSwiftFan” is available and sounds the exact same as what I was going for!

username not taken

How To Change Your Roblox Username

Already had an older username and now you want to refresh it with a quick change? Keep in mind each username change will cost you 1,000 Robux!

change robux usernameTo make the change follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Roblox account here
  2. Go to Settings at the top right
  3. Tap on the Account Info button
  4. From there, you can select the option to Change Username button, it’ll look like a little pencil. Note, you will need your username and password again!
  5. From there, you have to pay 1,000 Robux to change it, so select Buy.
  6. Now, log out and login using your newly changed username.

How To Get More Robux To Buy A New Aesthetic Username?

There are 4 ways you can get more Robux so that you will be able to buy a new username.

Keep in mind that any website or person who acts like they have a secret or hack to get more Robux is lying. There are absolutely no hacks to get more Robux and the person will scam you.

Beware of these people!

Option 1: You can simply go to Robux online or on your app and buy the Robux using real money. See the table below for Robux prices with and without a builders club membership.

Robux Cost Without Builders Club Robux Cost WITH Builder’s Club
Number Of Robux Price Number Of Robux Price
400  $                 4.95 450  $                  4.95
800  $                 9.95 1000  $                  9.95
2000  $               24.95 2750  $                24.95
4500  $               49.95 6000  $                49.95
10000  $               99.95 15000  $                99.95
22500  $             199.95 35000  $              199.95

Option 2: You can automatically get more Robux if you sign up for a membership program. For example, for $9.99 a month, you get 1,000 Robux per month. See the pricing sheet below and you can sign up for a membership here.

robux membership

Option 3: You can sell different merchandise on your Robox account if you have a membership. You can sell shirts, pants, access to different places, etc. and get some money back from the sales in the form of Robux.

Option 4: If you sell a game pass, same as selling merchandise above, you will get a portion of the amount back in the form of Robux!

Now, we’re really excited to hear about what you decided on and if there were any other tips to coming up with a great Roblox username.

Send us a note in the feedback below so we can hear about it!

Comments (250)

        1. this pandemic has been crazy what is your roblox i am finding friend for my little brother to suprise him with many friends on roblox

      1. In the newest version of roblox, you can’t change your username for 1000 robux. It cost sign out and change username then sign back with same password if you remember.

    1. 1: XxAstheticsxX
      4: VvKawaiiUwUvV
      :> I guess i just made some Up for U UwUz

    2. i have a better name FOLLOWPYXLDEVONROBLOX is the name its such a nice name because pyxldev made the best roblox game ever Tower Of Hell

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change it for free. you have to spend 1K Robux in order to change your username. Beware of anywhere that claims you can do it for free, they are spam/scam. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to get to 1K Robux. Check out the section: How To Get More Robux To Buy A New Aesthetic Username

      1. There is a way to change your username for free, but only if the username contains your first and last name

      2. That is a wrong! I can prove it. You need an account and email. You go to roblox.com/login
        under the button that says login, it should say ” Forgot Password or Username” click it. It should lead you to a page with keys on it. Once you are there look to where it says password. Switch it to username. Put your email there. Then press “Submit”. It should send you an email and follow the directions there, tada!

        1. to change ur user name go to settings and make ur parent verify there or u can verify it if u have a phone and to change ur username it will cost 1k robux

    2. There is no way you can change your name for free.
      You have to have 1k robux or over.
      Unless you got builders club and the bonus was going everyday.

      1. Hi zamfam make sure you subscribe to rebeccas channel and the Matt and rebecca channel as well and we are a part of the Game Master Network

    3. It’s not possible to change it for free.
      Sorry to tell you. Maybe when u buy robux try saving it so when you buy more you might have enough!

    4. You can get it for free if you call Roblox support and say your username has your full name in it, they can change it for free I do it all the time. I get my dad to call.

      1. Sorry but you can’t call roblox or do that. You can probably get banned and find your account bud.

    1. If you want an aesthetic name then you can just change it up a bit. I changed one of them and it wasn’t taken.(don’t take mine doe)

    2. U can add a double letter or u can replace letters with numbers or different letters like c or x

  1. Okay lm gonna rewrite. I just want some good usernames, but these are all taken. I really want a Aesthetic usernames.

    1. Idk if I already replied to u but aesthetic users contain ii and x for example mine is iisxflowerii

    1. Here’s some username ideas


  2. Roblox.banned me because of my username guess what it was xx_cuierainbows_xx I was like WHAT HOW IS THAT A BAD USERNAME it was very annoying plus I had just bought loads of robux!

    1. That’s the point your suppost to see how you can change the username for it to sound the same that’s the biggest point of the article it’s not just free aesthetic usernames

  3. If the one username you want is taken just and xX too the start. If it’s still taken add xX to the back, or you can try OoOo it looks cute so you can use it in usernames.

  4. Well I had many options to choose my new username and I stumbled onto this site and then I thought DEEP like literally, tons of choices… ?

  5. just keep in mind the more time u take to make a desicion on ur username, the more usernames get taken in that time so u have less options. so try to think quicka nd make it cute or nice or whatever

  6. Hello,can you help me make an roblox username that is aesthetic username that is not tAkEn pLeAsE

    1. If anybody tells you that there is a way to get robux then they are going to lie, steal your password, and get away with what they did. ROblox mods can’t help you with that problem. because they are dumb.

      1. Not because they are dumb, because it was your fault that you fell for the scam and go through with it. Don’t call them dumb for someone else’s mistake.

  7. No, for some reason I was able to change my username for free, but there was no scammers. May you please tell me how this is possible? I had my 1K ready, and then it changed for free..

    1. something like one persons fire one persons ice or sun and moon like opposites and Sxn_Vxbffs and mxxn_vxbffs would be my pick

  8. hmmm… maybe
    -StxrzFirezzT (it’s my username so don’t take this username maybe you could improve lil bit)

  9. Aesthetic names:

    1. XxXAestheticShallowXxX
    2. BubblyBxbe
    3. iiRxseyCheeksii
    4. LauraAestheticBxbblyii
    5. FrxnchBxbblesBxby
    All I could think of!

    1. Here are some usernames ideas

  10. i like putting boomer_ or like buster_ or like barner_ my rblx userneame is BOOMER_B34R that are some ideas for a username but u might need to put numbers like 1=i 2=Z 3=E 4=A 7=T 8=B i dont like using 8=B because its hard to read like my name to post this 0=O hope this helps!

  11. what is good usernames for 2020? my old one and i still yet have no robux to change it…this is the username of it: Xxpacman05

    1. bruh you can’t just ask for “free robux” nobody gonna give it to u. you hafta pay for it as said in the article thingy.

    1. I found some that aren’t taken (random ones lol):
      sorry if I’m late to your comment or if they are bad they are all I could think of some of them are aesthetic but other ones are just kinda cool

  12. Guys no you can’t change your username for free by saying you forgot it. You have to use the e-mail you used to get into roblox and they will send you it. Stop getting kids hopes up beause I spent 6,000 friggin robux on changing my username and im going broke as hell so please shut up , no you can unless you get the robux for free your basically getting a free username changed ,otherwise no, you cant

  13. Here are some roblox usernames

  14. I didn’t rlly find anything that helped only the fact that u can get more robux by the builders thing sooo




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