Snapchat Titles: Complete Friend’s List

Looking for the perfect Snapchat title for your friend? You've come to the right spot, we have a massive list of titles for everything from boyfriends to best friends.

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Snapchat titles have become increasingly popular on the social media platform as well as on Instagram.

With the increasing use of emojis to fill in for words or feelings in texts, emojis are used to represent a certain person and their relationship with you.

Definition Of Snapchat Titles: Snapchat titles are a type of nickname that you can call anyone from friends to boyfriends to classmates.

Titles use emojis to describe a relationship or person in your life, oftentimes using one or multiple emojis to describe that person.

Here we’ve compiled lists of the best titles that you can use for anyone in your life.

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Snapchat Titles List: By Color

Have a favorite color, these titles are sorted by color so you can choose which one you prefer.

Keep in mind, sometimes emojis are different colors on different devices so there’s a chance it won’t look the exact same on your device than someone else’s.

Best friend ? Best friend ? Best friend ? Best friend ?
Ex ? Ex ?? Ex ? Ex ?
Ex BF ✂️ Ex BF ??‍♀️ Ex BF ? Ex BF ??‍♀️
Crush ❣️ Crush ? Crush ? Crush ?
R.O.D (Ride Or Die) ? R.O.D (Ride Or Die) ? R.O.D (Ride Or Die) ? R.O.D (Ride Or Die) ?
Not my bf ? Not my bf ? Not my bf ? Not my bf ?
Enemy  ? Enemy  ? Enemy  ? Enemy  ?
Best friend ? Best friend ?
Ex ? Ex ?
Ex BF ? Ex BF ?
Crush ? Crush ?
R.O.D (Ride Or Die) ? R.O.D (Ride Or Die) ?
Not my bf ? Not my bf ?
Enemy  ? Enemy  ?

Best Snapchat Titles Of 2019

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Best Of 2019 Snapchat Titles List:

Flirt ? | Mom ? | Bloodline ? | Booty ? | Teddy Bear ? | Brother ? | Goddess ? | Cuddle Cutie ☕? | Queen ? | Day Maker ☀️ | Diary ? | Ace ? | Lock and Key ? | Sisters ? | We Ride ? | Nugget ? | Wifey ?

We’re wrapping up 2019 and what does that mean?

It means we are looking back on the past year and compiling our absolute favorite titles seen around Snapchat.

These were used by us or seen by us and also recommended by lots of Snapchat users.

What do you think about the list? Anyone that you use regularly, anyone that you haven’t used or seen yet?

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. – Oscar Wilde

Snapchat Titles For Friends

827b5dc3 snapchat titles for friends

Snapchat Friends Titles List:

Dawg ? | Homie ? | My Best ? | The Shooter ? | BF ? | Main Friend | Big Me ? | Partner In Crime ? | Better Half ? | Shawty ? | Kiddo ? | MVP | Sister ? | Brother ? | Ride Or Die ? | Poker Buddy ♠️ | Fatty ?

We’ve all had that special best friend that we do everything with and have been through everything with.

Best friends will have your back when things get rough, support you, and most importantly have the most fun!

Given that, we’ve compiled a list of Snapchat titles for friends so that you can describe that special person via emojis.

Trust is hard to come by. That’s why my circle is small and tight. I’m kind of funny about making new friends. – Eminem

Snapchat Titles For Boyfriends

914943fa snapchat titles for boyfriends

Snapchat Boyfriend Title List:

Love Bug ? | Good Boy ? | My World ? | Pretend Boyfriend ⁉️ | Loverr ? | My Flirt ? | Baaae ? | My Muffin ?  Other Half ?  | Secret ? | Pumpkin ? | My Heart ❤️  | Main 1️⃣ | Keeper ? | Boo Thang ? | Sweet Heart ?

This one is centuries old, people have always had nicknames for their boyfriends or girlfriends and these titles aren’t any different.

Here we represent that significant other in emojis and they couldn’t be sweeter.

What do you call your boyfriend or girlfriend, do you use any of these above?

Or if you have different titles you use, leave a comment below so we can all learn about it.

I’m not the girl who always has a boyfriend. I’m the girl who rarely has a boyfriend. – Taylor Swift

Funny Snapchat Titles

8005efb7 funny snapchat titles

Funny Snapchat Titles List:

Big Mac ? | Derps ? | Fight Club ? | Frodo ? Butterbuns ? | Skittles ? | Farty ?? | Care Bear ? | Flubber ? | Grunts ? | Beiber ?‍? | Nombnots | Bambi ? | Itsy Bitsy ? | Poochie ? Sparkle Farts ?? | Moonshine ? | Smalls ?

Sometimes we need to add a bit of humor in our conversation and something like sparkle farts is sure to give the other person a chuckle.

Use the titles above if you feel like your chat is getting a bit bland and could use some spice.

The best part of these funny Snapchat titles is that you can modify them to poke fun at a certain person, especially if you really know them.

Do you know what embarrasses someone, if so include it in their title and they will be laughing while embarrassed!

I think maybe I became funny because as a kid, I was a Jew in a town of no Jews, and being funny just instinctively came about as a way to put people at ease around me.  – Sarah Silverman

Disclaimer: Emojis Appear Different On Different Devices

Keep in mind with the emojis above that they can look different on different devices.

Pretty much every device should have a version of the emoji you use as a title, but the exact look of it will be different depending on what device the person viewing it is.

For example, take the simple red heart emoji.

Taking a look at Emojipedia you will see how different the red heart will look on various devices or social media platforms.

Hence, a red heart will look different on Facebook than it will on iMessage or Twitter or a Windows computer.

Think of it as if there were different emoji fonts, same as there are different fonts for text.

Times New Roman will look different from the Georgia font or Arial font, but ultimately an “A” is an “A” in all types of fonts despite the slight variation in appearance.

aa784942 various red heart emoji

New Emojis For 2020

None of these emojis strike your fancy?

Well, you’re in luck!

There is a whole new list of emojis that will be coming in 2020.

We’re hoping some of these will be perfect for you to use or add a bit of spice to your texting!

New 2020 Emojis
Accordion Headstone Placard
Beaver Hook Plunger
Beetle Hut Potted Plant
Bell Pepper Knot Rock
Bison Ladder Roller Skate
Blueberries Long Drum Screwdriver
Boomerang Magic Wand Seal
Bubble Tea Mammoth Sewing Needle
Bucket Military Helmet Smiling Face With Tear
Carpentry Saw Mirror Tamale
Cockroach Mouse Trap Teapot
Coin Nesting Dolls Thong Sandal
Disguised Face Ninja Toothbrush
Dodo Olive Transgender Flag
Elevator People Hugging Transgender Symbol
Feather Pickup Truck Window
Fly Piñata Wood
Fondue Pinched Fingers Worm

That wraps up our Snapchat titles and hope you found a great title for your bae.

What do you use the most?

Leave a comment below so we all can see it!

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