10 Fastest Growing TikTok Accounts That Can’t Stop Going Viral

You'll be surprised who exactly are the fastest-growing TikTok users. These accounts aren't necessarily the most followed, which means they are skipping other accounts as they jump up in ranking.
fastest growing tik tok

As TikTok becomes increasingly popular and the user base of the app continues to grow, we are seeing some superstars appear on the app.

Some of these superstars started with and some are new to the TikTok app altogether. What is interesting is to break down the most popular TikTok accounts and see which ones are growing faster than any other.


This list is the movers and shakers of 2019, the accounts that are growing faster than the rest. Let’s dive in!

Fastest Growing TikTok Accounts

#1 Nisha Guragain @nishaguragain

Average Daily Fan Growth: 100,000 followers

#2 Arishfa Khan @_arishfakhan_

Average Daily Fan Growth: 82,500 followers


#3 Riyaz @riyaz.14

Average Daily Fan Growth: 65,000 followers

#4 Awez Darbar @awezdarbar

Average Daily Fan Growth: 50,000 followers


#5 LuckydancerLucky✔ @luckydancer5454

Average Daily Fan Growth: 47,500 followers

#6 Avneet Kaur 👑♥️ @avneetkaur_13

Average Daily Fan Growth: 37,500 followers

#7 garimachaurasia996 @gima_ashi

Average Daily Fan Growth: 37,500 followers

#8 Lauren Godwin 🧚🏼✨ @laurengodwin

Average Daily Fan Growth: 25,000 followers

#9 Loren Gray @lorengray

Average Daily Fan Growth: 25,000 followers

#10 Savannah LaBrant @savvsoutas

Average Daily Fan Growth: 20,000 followers

How did we come up with the numbers you see above?

That’s a great question. TikTok doesn’t release exactly what accounts are growing faster than any other. Thus, we had to do a bit of roundabout math to figure it out.

We took three pages here, here, and here that have a list of the top TikTok accounts. Each one has a date it was published and how many followers each account has on their list. What we did was cross-check all of these with that user’s current follower base and divide by the number of days since it was published. Thus, we came up with a compiled spreadsheet of TikTok follower growth per day for several dozen top accounts.

Most popular TikTok accounts according to

There are some obvious flaws in this method, most importantly that this only takes into account the top TikTok accounts and how much their follower base has grown. For instance, if you went from 0 to 5 million followers in a month that would put you at an average of 166,000 followers gained per day, but wouldn’t be on our list since 5 million followers doesn’t get you on any top lists. Unfortunately, this is something we had to live with since there is no official record of the fastest-growing accounts.

Another issue is that TikTok only refines follower count down to 100,000 once you get above a million. So if your account grew by 549,999 followers or 450,001 followers it would show up as the same, 0.5M followers gained.

Tips To Get More TikTok Followers

Here looking for more TikTok followers so you can hopefully land on the list above someday? Here are some tips that can help you skyrocket in popularity. Keep in mind, some of this is pure chance, the TikTok algorithms choose some videos to publicize more than others and sometimes you just can’t predict it. But, there are some tried and true methods.

  1. Post as frequently as possible without sacrificing quality. Quality is #1 and you need to make sure none of your videos are sloppily put together. But as long as they’re well done, put out new videos as often as you have time to. In many ways, it’s a numbers game. For example, the top TikTok accounts often will post multiple times every day. Of course, if you’re in school or working it’s hard to post multiple good videos a day but do your best
  2. Use popular trending hashtags or even non-trending hashtags to hopefully land in front of more eyes. This is very similar to Instagram in that hashtags allow you to be seen by people who otherwise may not see your videos. Choose the hashtags wisely and get creative with them so that you can expand your audience to the fringes.
  3. Ultimately, you get more followers by having awesome content that people “like” on the app. If lots of people like the video, the TikTok algorithm will show it to more people and this will have a positive feedback loop. Therefore, make content people want to like and even ask them to like every once in a while. Views also count for an added bonus, if someone loops through your video multiple times the TikTok algorithm will recognize that and show your video to more people. This could be a good reason to make it fast-paced enough that people want to watch multiple times.
  4. Capitalize on trending songs people are using or times of the year. If a brand new Ariana Grande song just came out, use it in one of your videos. People will be excited about Ariana’s new song and thus, your video as well! You can also do the same thing for popular movies, tv shows, or sporting events. For instance, if Christmas or the Superbowl is coming up, use those in your videos to get more people interested. People get holiday fever and love everything holiday-related for a month before Christmas. Make use of that craze!
  5. The time of the day or week you post is important. Keep track of the videos you post that do well and if there is a trend in the time of day or day of the week. For instance, you may find that posting over the weekend or Friday night is the best time since most of your followers are on the app.
  6. This may be tough to do if you don’t already have a lot of followers or you don’t live nearby any big-time TikTokers but if you do, try to be in a video with another TikTok star. This is a perfect way to share your audience with that person and vice versa. You would both benefit as each of your fans will see the other person and have the potential to follow them as well. Leveraging “influencers” on TikTok is a great way to build brand awareness and get more followers for yourself.

Have any other ideas on how to grow your following so you can land on the list above? If so, send us a note and we can add those tips to our list above!

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