30 Snapchat Charms & How To Get Them All

Snapchat charms are the new replacement for trophies. Charms are similar to friendship cards that are awarded to two people who are connected on Snapchat.

Snapchat Charms List:

Recently, Snapchat discontinued the use of trophies and replaced them with Snapchat Charms.

Charms are meant to represent different aspects of your relationships on Snapchat.

Whether you share the same birthday, have been chatting with each other for a long time, or are compatible in your astrology signs Snapchat captures these relationships in charms.

cancer snapchat charm
allexxandarx / stock.adobe.com

Around March of 2019 is when Snapchat did away with trophies and replaced them with charms.

All of a sudden on forums and Reddit people were asking, where are the trophies they’ve come to know and love!

Thankfully, Snapchat replaced them with something and didn’t entirely remove the idea behind trophies, just morphed them into charms. We will find out if they are just as much of a hit as trophies were.

Let’s dive right in, here are a sampling of some great Snapchat charms along with screenshots of the charm, what each charm means and how to get the charm.

Have any charms that aren’t on this list? Send us a note and we’ll be sure to add it!

All 30 Snapchat Charms List And Their Meanings

Snapchat Astrology Compatibility Charm

Snapchat Astrological Compatibility Charm

  • Description: This is a lovely (and loving) combination that brings out your sensitive side. The nurturing undercurrents running through you both find us save harbor here…
  • Here’s How To Get the Charm: You get this charm if you share an astrological connection with one of your friends. Certain zodiac signs go well with one another and if you got this charm that means you have friends with complimentary zodiac signs.
    • The 12 Astrology signs are: Aquarius Jan. 20 – Feb. 18, Cancer June 22 – July 22, Capricorn Dec. 22 – Jan. 19, Gemini May 21 – June 21, Leo July 23 – Aug. 22, Libra Sept. 23 – Oct. 23, Pisces Feb. 19 – Mar. 20, Sagittarius Nov. 22 – Dec. 21, Scorpio Oct. 24 – Nov. 21, Taurus April 20 – May 20, Virgo Aug. 23 – Sept. 22, and Aries Mar. 21 – April 19.
snapchat taurus charm
modified from: peshkov / stock.adobe.com
All Snapchat Zodiac Signs Zodiac Meanings
Snapchat Aquarius Charm Aquarius is an air sign of the zodiac. If you are an Aquarius you are independent, strong and value your freedom. In some instances, you can be shy or quiet.
Snapchat Cancer Charm Cancer is a water sign of the zodiac. If you are a Cancer you are compassionate, love intensely and intuitive. At times, you can be insecure or pessimistic.
Snapchat Capricorn Charm Capricorn is an earth sign of the zodiac. If you are a Capricorn you are motivated and task-oriented. You are good with responsibility but may appear arrogant.
Snapchat Gemini Charm Gemini is an air sign of the zodiac. If you are a Gemini you are fast to crack a joke and lively. You can adjust to practically any situation but may be indecisive.
Snapchat Leo Charm Leo is a fire sign of the zodiac. If you are a Leo you are passionate and creative. You have great energy but can be stubborn and lazy.
Snapchat Libra Charm Libra is an air sign of the zodiac. If you are a Libra you want everyone to get along, you’re a diplomat and work well with others. At times you can let others take advantage of your diplomacy.
Snapchat Pisces Charm Pisces is a water sign of the zodiac. If you are a Pisces you are an incredible artist with enough creativity for two. However, you may not always be grounded in reality.
Snapchat Sagittarius Charm Sagittarius is a fire sign of the zodiac. If you are a Sagittarius you are a giver and have a large heart for all. At times, your generosity and kind-heartedness can be taken advantage of.
Snapchat Scorpio Charm Scorpio is a water sign of the zodiac. If you are a Scorpio you are independent, stubborn and resourceful. You can strive in any situation but sometimes you can be distrusting and secretive.
Snapchat Taurus Charm Taurus is an earth sign of the zodiac. If you are a Taurus you are reliable, practical and a strong person. You can be trusted with lots of responsibility but can be stubborn and unwilling to change.
Snapchat Virgo Charm Virgo is an earth sign of the zodiac. If you are a Virgo you are loyal, modest and dedicated to friends and family. At times, you can be shy and worry too much.
Snapchat Aries Charm Aries is a fire sign of the zodiac. If you are an Aries you are lively and courageous. You love adventure and exploring but can be impatient and impulsive.

>Snapchat ♉ Taurus Charm

Snapchat Taurus Charm

  • Snap Taurus Meaning: Strong, steady and loving, there is something soothing about the presence of a Taurus. They are one of the most strong-willed and purposeful signs of the zodiac, but they also have a serene disposition that puts…
  • How To Get The Taurus Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between April 20 – May 20 you are a Taurus and thus will get the Taurus charm.

Snapchat ♋ Cancer Charm

Snapchat Cancer Charm

  • Snap Cancer Meaning: This is the sign that is associated with nesting and home life, so Cancers are usually the ones who would rather bring the whole group over to their place than be out all the time. They adore hanging with their crew, but…
  • How To Get The Cancer Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between June 21 – July 23 you are a Cancer and thus will get the Cancer charm.

Snapchat ♊ Gemini Charm

Snapchat Gemini Charm

  • Snap Gemini Meaning: Gemini represents two personalities in one. Versatile, inquisitive, expressive, and fun-loving, with a wish to experience everything the world has to offer!
  • How To Get The Gemini Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between May 21 – June 21 you are a Gemini and thus will get the Gemini charm.

Snapchat ♐ Sagittarius Charm

Snapchat Sagittarius Charm

  • Snap Sagittarius Meaning: Fun-loving Sagittarians are some of the most optimistic and adventurous people out there. They enjoy getting the most out of life. That could mean epic nights out, chasing their dream to the end of the earth or devoting their…
  • How To Get The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between Nov. 22 – Dec. 21 you are a Sagittarius and thus will get the Sagittarius charm.

Snapchat ♎ Libra Charm

libra charm

  • Snap Libra Meaning: Ever so charming and likable, Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They enjoy people, so they could have a wide net of friends, or they could prioritize their tight circle above all else. You can usually find them where…
  • How To Get The Libra Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between September 23 – October 23 you are a Libra and thus will get the Libra charm.

Snapchat ♒ Aquarius Charm

aquarius charm

  • Snap Aquarius Meaning: There is nobody quite like an Aquarius! These are some of the most independent and individualistic people in the zodiac. Each Aquarian is a unique character who beats to the rhythm of their own drum. Highly…
  • How To Get The Aquarius Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between January 20 – February 18 you are an Aquarius and thus will get the Aquarius charm.

Snapchat ♑ Capricorn Charm

capricorn charm

  • Snap Capricorn Meaning: Known as one of the most hardworking and focused signs in the zodiac, Capricorns are masters at reaching big goals through small but successful steps. Whether they share their goals with others or not, they…
  • How To Get The Capricorn Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between December 22—January 20 you are a Capricorn and thus will get the Capricorn charm.

Snapchat ♌ Leo Charm

snapchat leo char

  • Snap Leo Meaning: Leos are the bright fiery stars of the zodiac! They are brave, creative and dramatic and they aren’t afraid to put it all on the line when they go for something they believe in. This can lead them to be over-dramatic or…
  • How To Get The Leo Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between July 23 – August 22 you are a Leo and thus will get the Leo charm.

Snapchat ♏ Scorpio Charm

snapchat scorpio charm

  • Snap Scorpio Meaning: Scorpios are known for their passionate, determined and sensitive nature. When they are comfortable and at ease, a very magnetic and loving site of their personality comes out, but it usually takes them a little…
  • How To Get The Scorpio Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between October 23 – November 22 you are a Scorpio and thus will get the Scorpio charm.

Snapchat ♍ Virgo Charm

snapchat virgo weekend

  • Snap Virgo Meaning: Virgos are patient, considerate and thoughtful, but they also have a mischievous fun side. While they have a strong work ethic and tend to prefer their lives to be orderly and productive, they also know how to let…
  • How To Get The Virgo Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between August 23 – September 22 you are a Virgo and thus will get the Virgo charm.

Snapchat ♈ Aries Charm

Aries Snapchat Charm 1

  • Snap Aries Meaning: Exuberant Aries lights up any room they walk into. With a zest for life that is contagious, Aries loves to explore whatever is new and exciting. The thrill of the unknown and adventure calls strongly to them and they are unafraid…
  • How To Get The Aries Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between March 21 – April 19 you are a Aries and thus will get the Aries charm.

Snapchat ♓ Pisces Charm

Pisces Snapchat Charm

  • Snap Pisces Meaning: Sensitive, intuitive and creative, Pisces are the poetic dreamers of the zodiac. Even if they appear to blend in with the crowd, behind their bright eyes, is a whole range of emotions and feelings they are continuously…
  • How To Get The Pisces Zodiac Sign: If your birthday falls between February 19 – March 20 you are a Pisces and thus will get the Pisces charm.

Snapchat New Friends Charm

snapchat new friends charm

  • Snap New Friends Meaning: You and _____  just became friends. Say hi!
  • How To Get The New Friends Charm: Well, duh, you just added a new Snapchat friend on the app. This will appear for a week or so when you initially add someone.

Snapchat Best Friends Charm

Snapchat Best Friends Charm

  • Snap BFs Meaning: You Snap and Chat with _____ a lot!
  • How To Get The BFs Charm: You can get this charm if you continually snap and chat with the same friend over and over throughout many days.

Shy Guy Charm

shy guys charm

  • Snap Shy Guy Meaning: You and  _____ still haven’t sent each other a Snap or a Chat. Butterflies in your stomach?
  • How To Get The Shy Guys Charm: This is one of our favorites, mostly because of the shy ghost. This charm is for two friends who have never sent each other a snap or chat. Get to it!

Snapchat Birthday Twins Charm

Snapchat Birthday Twins Charm

  • Snap Birthday Twins Meaning: You and _____ have birthdays in the same week. You could have a joint birthday party!
  • How To Get The Birthday Twins Charm: This is pretty obvious, you and another one of your Snap friends share a birthday.

Upcoming Birthday Charm

upcoming birthday charm

  • Snap Upcoming Birthday Meaning: _____’s birthday is coming up soon. Help them celebrate on _____.
  • How To Get The Upcoming Birthday Charm: This is also pretty obvious. A nice gesture, they want to make sure you get your friend a card or birthday cake!

Snapchat Friend’s Birthstone Charm

Snapchat Friends Birthstone Charm

  • Snap Friend’s Birthstone Meaning: Just like the luminous and mysterious Pearl, there is a romantic undercurrent that runs through June people. The Pearl has long been associated with the moon, and just as the moon has many phases, so too do June people…
  • How To Get The Friend’s Birthstone Charm: You can get one of the 12 month’s birthstones if your friend uses their birthday in Snap. Snap will show you that friend’s birthstones.
    • Here are all the birthstones by month: January is Garnet, February is Amethyst, March is Aquamarine, April is Diamond, May is Emerald, June is Alexandrite, July is Ruby, August is Peridot, September is Sapphire, October is Pink Tourmaline, November is Yellow Topaz, and December is Zircon.

Snapchat In Touch Charm

Snapchat In Touch Charm

  • Snap In Touch Meaning: You and _____ have been staying in touch recently.
  • How To Get The In Touch Charm: This means you and another friend on Snapchat are communicating regularly either through snaps or chats.

Snapchat It’s Been A Second Charm

its been a second charm

  • Snap It’s Been A Second Meaning: You and _____ haven’t been in touch for a little while. Don’t be shy to say hi!
  • How To Get The It’s Been A Second Charm: You usually snap with this person all the time but there’s been a small downtime between snapping.

Snapchat It’s Been A Minute Charm

Snapchat Its Been A Minute Charm 1

  • Snap It’s Been A Minute Meaning: You and _____ haven’t been in touch for quite a while. Don’t be shy to say hi!
  • How To Get The It’s Been A Minute Charm: This means you and another friend were previously close and chatting a lot and have lost touch, not snapping or chatting in a while.

Snapchat It’s Been Forever Charm

its been forever charm

  • Snap It’s Been Forever Meaning: You and _____ haven’t been in touch for over a year. It’s never too late to reach out!
  • How To Get The It’s Been Forever Charm: There may have been a falling out or you just lost touch, but you haven’t snapped with this person in over a year.

Snapchat Snap Rookies Charm

snap rookies charm

  • Snap Rookies Meaning: You and ____ have an average Snap Score of ____. You’re just getting started
  • How To Get The Snap Rookies Charm: You and a friend don’t have a very high snap score, from my research this looks to be the lowest level. Only up from here!

Snapchat Snap Sophomores Charm

snap sophmores charm

  • Snap Sophomores Meaning: You and ____ have an average Snap Score of ____. You’re getting settled in
  • How To Get The Snap Sophomores Charm: You and a friend upgraded from Rookies and are now Sophomores. The cutoff of this appears to be between 2,500 and 3,000.

Snapchat Snap Masters Charm

Snapchat Snap Masters Charm

  • Snap Masters Meaning: You and ____ have an average Snap Score of ____. You know your way around Snapchat!
  • How To Get The Snap Masters Charm: You can get this charm if you’re a super Snapchat user and have been snapping with one of your friends often and for a long period of time. It takes persistence to earn this charm!

Snapchat Snap Heroes Charm

snap heroes charm

  • Snap Heroes Meaning: You and ____ have an average Snap Score of ____. How heroic!
  • How To Get The Snap Heroes Charm: Most people wish to get to this level with a friend, the second-highest we’ve seen behind the Legends charm, well done chap, well done.

Snapchat Snap Legends Charm

snapchat legends charm

  • Snap Legends Meaning: You and ____ have an average Snap Score of ____. You’re total legends!
  • How To Get The Snap Legends Charm: This charm is one up from the Snap masters charm. At a certain Snap Score, you get upgraded from masters to legends. It’s unclear the exact cutoff but from my experience, I believe it’s around 150,000 to 200,000.

Here is a rough breakdown of the various Snapchat friend’s levels:

Snapchat Friend’s Charm Score Range
Rookies 0 to ~1,000
Sophomores ~1,000 to 10,0000
Heroes ~10,000 to 200,000
Legends ~200,000+

Snapchat Snap OG’s Charm

Snapchat Snap OGs Charm

  • Snap OGs Meaning: You and ____ both joined Snapchat in 20__, the same year Stories launched!
  • How To Get The Snap OGs Charm: You can get this charm if you have been on Snapchat for a long time and one of your friends has also been on Snapchat for a long and similar length of time.

Snapchat Snapstreak! Charm

Snapchat Snapstreak Charm

  • Snap Snapstreak Meaning: You and ____ have had a Snapstreak going for __ days!
  • How To Get The Snapstreak Charm: If you snap a friend consistently every day for three or more days you get on a snapstreak. Make sure you keep it up though if you forget to snap you’ll lose your snapstreak.

Snapchat Group Charms

Snapchat has now come out with group charms that are only shared between groups during a chat.

These charms are a unique way to describe different roles and relationships in a group.

After all, there’s always a class clown!

To check out your own group charms you will want to go to the group, tap on the icons of your friends in the upper left hand corner and scroll down.

You’ll see charms at the very bottom that are specific charms to that group.

snapchat group most creative

The first group charm we have is the “Most Creative” charm.

The person who gets this sends out lots of unique and fun images, gifs, emojis, etc. They help liven up the conversation.

snapchat group most nostalgic

Next up is the Most Nostalgic group charm.

This person loves to think about the fun times the group has had together. A beach vacation or fun night out, this person brings those memories to the group.

snapchat group paparazzi

Lastly, we have the Group Paparazzi charm, this person loves to take photos and likely photos of themselves.

Paparazzi is known for taking candid images of celebrities out on town and this person does the same with group members and him or herself.

Snapchat Charms FAQ

What are snapchat charms? Snapchat charms are Snapchat’s latest recreation of trophies.

They are characters and emojis that you get with friends to signify your relationship with someone else.

Every one of your friends on Snapchat will share a charm or multiple with you and you can get more by snapping more often with each other.

How to get charms on snapchat? Snapchat will automatically give you charms based on various factors of your friendships, their birthday, how long you’ve been friends, how often you snap, etc.

The best way to increase the number of charms is to do two things, make sure both you and your friend have filled in their complete profile and you both snap with each other regularly.

What’s The Average Snapchat Score? There is no specific average Snapchat score but most people’s friendships fall between Snap Sophomores and Snap Heroes.

I’ve personally only seen a couple of people with the Snap Legends charm.

How To See Your Snapchat Charms

Follow these steps to see your own Snapchat charms.

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Swipe left
  3. Tap a friend’s Bitmoji/face
  4. scroll down to see the charms

How To Hide And Unhide Snapchat Charms

  1. Follow the steps above to get to the list of charms with a given friend.
  2. Tap a charm to enlarge it, from there three dots will appear at the top right, tap the dots
  3. Select hide charm and confirm to hide the charm
  4. To unhide the charm, tap “1 hidden” right next to your charms list.
  5. Tap undo icon at the right
  6. Click restore to show the charm again.

We hope you like this article on Snapchat’s latest feature, charms.
As the feature continues to evolve we will update this article with lists of more charms and their meaning.

We have a feeling these are going to be fun and add another dimension to our friends across Snapchat.

Comments (37)

    1. I may have a snapscore round about 20 000,but my friend’s snapscore has exceeded 200,00. And our charm is legends. Is that an correct average?

    2. I’m at 260,522 snap legends with one of my friends. Unless they changed modified the app or something then yeah you can keep going higher. Also in the article it says “200,000+” the plus meaning it can go higher. Also in the article the author stated that it was just a rough estimate on the snapscore height.

    3. No, its the highest level…. Btw 🎉congrats 🥳 for ur score…. Me and my sister’s having 297,456 score

    1. aighk I have a question it says that to be a snap legend your score should be roughly more than or between 150k + what if you have a snap score of a million which is difficult to have what would be your snap charm ?

  1. I’m born on the 23rd August in Australia opposite timezones and it’s giving me the Virgo charm even tho I’m a Leo

      1. NO. you cant be both. you need to see on cafe astrology for example, enter your information and see where the sun is

  2. I just found out my husband has a legend status score with another female. He says he hasn’t snapped with her and it must be a gliche or he’s been hacked lol. I don’t think that’s true. Can anyone confirm this

    1. a shared status only shows the average snapscore between the 2 people, not how often you have snapped them. I have plenty of people I have never snapped but we still have snap legends.

    2. A legend score just means both of their snap scores are very high. Snapchat takes your score and the other person’s score and averages them together. You don’t even have to have a conversation to have a high average snap score.

    3. It’s most likely not true, that he has been hacked or it’s a glitched I work at Snapchat and glitches are very rare and we assure you that no accounts can get hacked.

    4. he has a good amount of snapscore because he snaps more to other or recives snaps which appaers in another profile he is true dont sus him

  3. So if me and someone get a good score is that because we have Snapchat to each other all the time or is it a total score of what we both do n Snapchat

    1. No, that’s the Group Journalist. The Group Journalist is the one who saves chats. The Group Paparazzi sends lots of photos and selfies.

  4. Some of you are honestly so annoying someone just literally explained that it doesn’t matter if you have never spoken with the person you will still get the heroes charm regardless because Snapchat averages your points with theirs, how hard is that to grasp people?

  5. So for the snap hero’s me and my friend have 30k for our average and we still snap masters and yoou said snap legends is 10k-100k think can anyone tell me why I’m not snap hero’s yet or what is the average snap score you have to have with a friend to be snap hero’s? Add me on snap and tell me please kira_werido

  6. It says shy guys charm for me and a friend who have spoke and snapped a lot why does it say we haven’t snapped at all?

  7. Is it possible to get an in touch charm with a snap friend that I’ve sent chats to but has never sent chats or snaps to me?

  8. I’ve been trying to take over some of the charms in my group chat since I have none. I have the most saved chats, why am I not the group journalist?

  9. I’ve got another charm that (I think) it’s not in that list. It’s called cosmos sign. You can get it if you and _____ has the same zodiac sign



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