20+ Incredible Bumble Statistics & Facts

There's no shortage of compelling Bumble statistics that paint a picture of just how unique the platform is. Here is a curated list of the latest stats and interesting facts on Bumble.
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Bumble is a company by women for women, a model in the dating industry that has proven very successful. Bumble’s model is a bit different than something like Tinder as when a match occurs, the woman has to message first.

Since its launch in December of 2014, it has grown tremendously, gaining notice from top dating companies, offers for buy-outs and investment from some big names in the dating services world.

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General Bumble Stats

Take a look at Bumble as a company and you can immediately see they have the right recipe for success. The founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, is a feminist and looked to create a feminist dating app.

Staying true to that tone, she hired 85% female staff to her 80 employee company and always puts women in the driver’s seat when it comes to the company.

1. Bumble was started by a co-founder of Tinder

Bumble was founded in December 2014 after Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder, the dating app that she co-founded. Wolfe is quoted saying that Bumble is meant to be a “feminist dating app.”

The history behind Wolfe at Tinder and why she left is an interesting one. Wolfe left due to sexual harassment and various other issues primarily with Justin Mateen, Tinder’s marketing chief and co-founder of Tinder. So it is natural that her next company was formed with a keen awareness of such issues.

2. Bumble has 55 million users across 150 countries

With Bumbles female-first approach, women have made the first move over 1 billion times by messaging men on the app.

3. Bumble is valued at over $1 billion

Wolfe turned down an offer from the Match Group to buy Bumble for $450 million, a smart move as the company is estimated to be valued at well over $1 billion now.

4. 3 billion messages have been sent over Bumble

All of those messages, at least initially, were initiated by women since the app requires that women initiate conversations first and then men can follow up with the messages. This is just one example of how Bumble is women first.

5. Bumble has an annual revenue run rate of $200 million

Bumble became profitable after just two years, very quick compared to competitors and typical ramp-up in the tech industry.

6. Bumble is the 8th most popular dating app

Tinder leads the pack, garnering 25.6% of the dating app market while Bumble captures 3.6% of the market. Not too bad for a young company and the second dating app Wolfe started.

7. Bumble is the 2nd most popular lifestyle app on the iOS store

The ranking of Bumble continues to grow as the dating app gets more registered users and more interest.

8. Over 5,000 weddings from Bumble initiated relationships

As a result of relationships built on Bumble, there have been over 5,000 engagements and weddings.

9. Bumble has one of the lowest abuse rates in the industry

Only 0.008 percent of Bumble users report abuse, likely a result of the female-led interactions on the app. Since men can’t initiate conversations, women are able to properly screen any guys that seem like they would be sketchy or abusive. Simply block and move on.

10. Badoo dating company owns 79% of Bumble

After leaving Tinder, Wolfe met with Badoo founder Andrey Andreev who agreed to invest in Bumble’s startup for 79% ownership in the company. Wolfe retained 20% and the title of CEO and decision-maker. With the big pockets of Badoo, Bumble now has the resources to compete at a very high level with the top dating apps in the world.

Bumble User Stats

Bumble users are what most marketers dream of, well-educated, and generally well off. These young women who drive Bumble are engaged and empowered by the app.

11. Bumble has one of the highest proportions of female users

Of all the Bumble users, 46.2% of them are female, higher than Tinder, Match, POF, etc. What are the dating apps with the highest proportion of female users? Christian Mingle takes the top spot with 58.6%, with Coffee Meet Bagel next up at 57.3% and eHarmony rounding out the top 3 at 55.2% female users.

12. Bumble users are young and well-educated

Of all the Bumble users, 72% are under the age of 35. In addition, the users tend to be well-educated with 91% of users over the age of 22 having at least a bachelor’s degree.

13. 49% of Bumble users engage with the app on a daily basis

The same study found that, in general, men are more engaged when it comes to dating apps than women. The apps that have a lower proportion of female users (Grindr, POF, Tinder) have much higher engagement.

14. Bumble users spend, on average, 62 minutes on the app every day

This compares to Tinder users who only spend 35 minutes per day on the app. In the world of apps, the longer and more often that a user logs in the better. This is an indication of excellent user experience and positive experiences when dating on Bumble.

15. Users tend to swipe right on people with high-paying careers

Wondering what are the most “swipeable” job titles? Bumble users are more likely to swipe right if you have a high-paying title such as attorney, doctor, banker, etc. This is no surprise, women look for men with resources while men are more interested in looks and physical appearance. Since conversations are women-led, it makes sense that men who have higher-paying jobs or are more successful will do better on the app.

16. The most active student population on Bumble is Southern Methodist University

Following SMU in Dallas are two California schools: the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles.

Bumble Usage Stats

Bumble has curated exactly how one should use the app, differentiating itself from other hookup sites or male-dominated platforms.

17. Bumble Is For Dating, Tinder Is For Hookups

A study found that 40 percent of college students in the United States think of Bumble more for dating and tinder for hookups. However, 54 percent of students from that study said there’s really no difference between the apps.

18. People are twice as likely to pay for premium services on Bumble than Tinder

Of all the Bumble users, over 10% pay for the boost services at up to $25 per month compared to Tinders 5% of paying users.

19. 85% of Bumble users are looking for either marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend

The app prides itself on being dating forward and not a “hookup” app. The numbers seem to validate that with 25% of Bumble users having gone on a first date with someone from the app in the past month.

20. Bumble users swipe left/right for potential matches over 10 billion times a month

These 10 billion swipes are split out between 800 million matches as of March 2017. Since then, Bumble’s user growth has rapidly increased.

These 20 stats paint a clear picture, Bumble is here to stay and is increasingly stealing market share from the crowded online dating market. We’ll have to wait and see just how this young company ages.

21.  Bumble has a 21% churn rate

Weekly “churn” rate refers to the percentage of weekly users that don’t pick up the app the following week. Bumble’s weekly churn rate is actually rather low compared to dating apps, at 21%. That means about 21 out of 100 people who use the app every week won’t come back the next week.  For some reference, Tinder has a 20.9% churn rate, OKCupid a 23.9% rate, and eHarmony has a massive 67% weekly churn rate.

22. New York City has the most Bumble activity in the world

New Yorkers are patined as a surly bunch, but apparently a lot of New Yorkers flock to dating apps. New York City has the highest Bumble activity in the world, with London and Los Angeles coming in a close second. Chicago and Toronto are the next two, rounding out the top 5 most popular Bumble cities.

23. Bumble makes up almost half of Magic Lab’s overall business

Bumble, Badoo, Chappy, and Lumen are all owned and operated by Magic Lab, a company that specializes in dating apps. Out of all Magic Lab-owned apps, Bumble is by far the most successful. Bumble makes up almost half (46%) of Magic Lab’s total business. It is clearly the backbone of the company.

24. Accounts with 6 photos get the most swipes

When it comes to Bumble, 6 is the magic number. Accounts with 6 photos are almost twice as likely to get a swipe than not. Additionally, it seems that messages between 10-15 words generate the most responses and that GIFs are a great way to break the ice.

25, Sunday is the most popular day for Bumble users

Lazy Sundays are good for Bumbling. According to official company data, most matches happen on Sundays. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the worst day for Bumble activity is Friday, possibly because most people already have plans on the weekend. Also, the best time of day to send a message is 8 pm – 10 pm.

26. The majority of Bumble revenue comes from the US

Bumble is active in 150 countries, but one nation reigns supreme. Over three-quarters of Bumble’s revenue is generated in the US. More generally, the majority of Bumble’s revenue is from North America as a whole.



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