Ways To Level Up And Develop Any Hero In Destiny 2

D2 is a project in which the player chooses one of three classes and develops in the right direction to master the skill of handling small arms and unique skills.

You can choose the Titan class to become a full-fledged defender of yourself and the group, have increased armor and be able to use a shield to block most damage and fists of steel to fight in close combat and knock down enemies who get too close.

You can choose a warlock – a hero who, in addition to small arms, also uses various magic to inflict massive damage on enemies and heal allies and strengthen them.

You can choose a hunter – the main shooter and master of traps and ranged combat, who contributes the most damage to single targets, especially bosses and other players.

The development of each class will take place with the same opportunities.

You can upgrade your hero through a system of quests, grind, contracts, raids, or seek help from Destiny 2 Carries from the Skycoach service, which will help guide your character through popular raids and leave all the experience and drops for your hero for significant character development.

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Destiny 2 has a strong and developed quest system that will guide players through all aspects and features of the defense of their home planet from an alien invasion with a gradual transition to the attack and the destruction of a large number of enemies through grinding and raids, including the leaders of the attack.

The tasks will concern the killing of special monsters, or the transmission of reports.

Main quests will bring the most boost in Destiny 2 due to the duration of completion, the amount of experience in the reward and the constant transition from one task to another for the development of the player with the constant issuance of starting rewards and various types of weapons.

Don’t forget about secondary tasks and small assignments, which can be found by special marks above the heads of NPCs, and look at the total reward and task requirements.

It is recommended to take on all quests that are compatible with the storyline and are completed in the same location in order to complete more tasks in one game session and receive more experience, glimmers and valuable items in the end.


Go to locations that suit your level, and you will be able to upgrade your hero and at the same time complete contracts and collect valuable resources and special ammunition.

Just gather monsters in groups and shoot them, thereby significantly speeding up leveling in D2 for your hero due to the speed of kills, which also affects the average amount of experience.

If you wish, you can also unite in battle groups, in which the number of killed enemies will be greater due to a more thoughtful collection and a high degree of control and damage to targets due to the presence of a warlock with massive damage and healing and a titan who can not only hold off enemies, but also use a blocking shield and knock over enemies from a strong blow to the ground if necessary.

The hunter will simply deal systemic and strong damage.


If you like challenging tasks and play alone, then you will like the strike system – these are mini-raids that can be completed alone or in a group of up to three players.


Here you can practice shooting, try out difficult tasks with constant maneuvering from a large number of targets and, in case of victory, have a chance to receive enhanced weapons and armor.

The essence of the strike is that you enter a dangerous zone and move along it, fighting monsters and the boss.

It is advisable to immediately destroy the entire retinue, because it can cause additional damage, or restore the boss’s health, which in any case is bad for you and adds additional and unnecessary risks.

Having received the rewards, you can move on and try yourself in raids, where trophies and boosting in D2 are more valuable, but you still need to collect, or join a fireteam.


The raid system is a format in which players gather in a fireteam to challenge bosses of different levels.

These are enhanced monsters that have unique attacks and skills that you need to learn to identify and counter so as not to die from a massive attack.

Raids are divided into difficulty levels and after completing the first one, access to the next one will open.

Try to immediately master the dangerous skills of the boss, because in the future the system will not warn you so much about his plans, and you need to react using characteristic gestures and animations.

For victories in raids, you will receive weapons and armor of varying degrees of value, which depends on the complexity of the raid and your luck.

If you wish, you can not share trophies with other group members and not focus on random players, but simply order the raidcarry service from the Skycoach service.

In this format, you will be part of a group of professional players who will clear the raid zone and kill the boss, but leave him a little health so that you can make a finishing blow.

This is necessary so that the group has time to scatter, and you can get all the D2 boosting and drops yourself, without sharing it with other group members.

The most profitable option for ordering a service is the Mythic difficulty of the raid, because other players often make mistakes, and this level of difficulty does not forgive mistakes and the entire campaign ends in failure.

When you order the service, you will be in a full-fledged group that will act correctly and play, and you only need to follow the commands of the group leader, or be killed before the final stage, when you only need to deal a fatal blow and collect all types of rewards.

Often these are weapons and armor of legendary quality, which can significantly strengthen your character for future updates and PVP modes.

This type of activity and services is not prohibited, because the player himself decides how and in what format to go to dungeons in Destiny 2.



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