7 Fun Snapchat Story Games: Questions & Challenges

Need something to spice up your Snapchat friendship? Use these fun Snapchat story games to ask your friend questions or challenge them to do the unexpected!

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Whether you’re just starting to talk with a new person and really want it to go well or if you’re finding a conversation starting to stall, these games are a perfect way to kick start some fun chatting.

I’ve used all of the games below and found them to work really well. Best of all, you can switch it up and start one of the story games every week. Maybe every Friday after class or work you could send out a new game to play over the weekend.

Snapchat Story Game

Best Snapchat Story Games

Here we’ve compiled a list of our 7 favorite games to play on Snapchat. Feel free to use these as inspiration to come up with your own games or modify ours to fit your friendship or relationship. These games can be used with people you already know well or people that you want to get to know better.

1. How Much Do You Love Me Game?


This Snapchat game is perfect if you’re not sure exactly where your relationship stands, or if you just want to mess with someone and make them define your relationship.

Ask them if they broke your heart, what they would do without you if they want to kiss or hate your guts? It will be interesting what sort of response you get from these. The best part of this is you can send it to multiple people and then compile all the responses via emojis and post them in a story. Just make sure you won’t get your feelings hurt if nobody says what you want to hear.

Sometimes it’s fun to add emojis that someone won’t be able to guess or is hard to decipher, that way when you post the results on a story people don’t necessarily know what each emoji really means! It will drive people crazy!

2. Embarrassing Questions Game

No one likes to answer embarrassing questions but if you want to play this game with a friend you can promise that you will answer questions as well. It will be a fun challenge for the two of you.

For instance, give someone the ability to ask you 5 questions that they’ve been wondering, and then you can ask questions to them as well. As we said, the game only works if both are being honest, so don’t worry about being embarrassed; the other person likely is too.

If you feel like someone may ask questions and never answer any embarrassing questions, you can take turns back and forth. For example, send one question per day.

3. Best Friend Vs. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Challenge

We really hope this doesn’t cause any fights between your best friend and your boyfriend or girlfriend. But, this game only works if you challenge yourself to be completely honest.

I, for one, hate going shopping with my wife and would much rather shop with my best friend. Partially because I know if I’m shopping with my best friend we would know exactly what we’re looking for and be in and out in 15 minutes!

For this game, it makes sense to change out the questions to suit you and your hobbies or what you do for fun. For example, if you don’t run marathons you may want to swap out that question with something you do in your free time. If you think your significant other is already your best friend, then lucky you, though this game might be a little bit boring to play.

You can also modify this to be between two specific people that you know. Two friends, two co-workers, two past boy/girlfriends, brother vs. sister, etc. There are tons of ways to customize this game.

4. Would You Rather Game

This is an oldie but is always a hit when trying to start a conversation or reignite a conversation that has been lagging a bit. When I’m chatting with friends, it’s fun to ask would you rather questions.

I think the reason people love these is it makes them think about two different scenarios that are equally hard to choose between. They could both be great scenarios, like would you rather own a sports team or an island? Or they could be both negative scenarios like would you rather lose a leg or an arm?

As with all of these, think about the person you’re going to send it to and modify it to fit that person and that person’s likes and dislikes. You wouldn’t want to ask anyone something too uncouth or wild—unless they are into that kind of stuff.

When coming up with your own “Would You Rather?” questions make sure you think about the person and what would be hard for them to give up or what they absolutely love. If your friend loves soccer and traveling, ask them which one they would give up?

5. Funniest Picture Challenge

This challenge is sure to give you some great laughs! This is basically asking people to either take a silly selfie, find something hilarious to take a photo of or snatch a photo from online. People can find photos wherever they want.

Of course, the judging is a bit subjective depending on what you personally think is the funniest. Given that, your best friend may be the best at knowing what you will think is funny. So, of course, they will have a bit of an upper hand.

To make things more interesting you can set certain criteria on the types of images you want to see. For example, you can say send me your funniest photos with animals in them, or only selfies, or only images that are already on your phone (i.e. ones you’ve already taken or used in previous stories). I don’t know about you, but I have some pretty hilarious and weird stuff saved on my phone from browsing the internet, so this game is a personal favorite.

This challenge is a great way to share the results in a Snapchat story afterward. You could even have a contest where the top 3 images are shared in a story and then there’s a final round where the top 3 have to send follow up images that meet certain criteria (has to include their pet in it).

6. What Emoji Represents Us?

If you open your emoji keyboard on your phone you’ll see the emojis you use the most. This story challenge asks people to choose an emoji that represents various things related to you or your friendship.

For example, send me an emoji that represents your favorite memory of the two of us. Feel free to modify the questions to fit your friendship. If you’re going to send it to a friend that you went to college with, you can ask what emoji represents the best party we both went to or the most recent class we both were in.

The best part of this is that emojis usually have pretty solid meanings, but for this game, you can stretch the meaning of an emoji or dig in and find one you’ve never even used before! Snapchat has a ton of emojis to pick from, and also have the whole Bitmoji thing which adds even more personalized stickers.

It’s fun to tell people they can’t use any of their frequently used emojis, that way people have to really scroll through some obscure emojis to represent various things in your friendship.

7. Fill In The Blank Game

Remember Mad Libs? Fill in the blank games are essentially the same thing. This game is very open-ended and that’s a lot of the fun in it. This is just one example of a couple of sentences you could use for a fill in the blank game.

Take a bit of time to think about what would be funny, sad, embarrassing, or reveal something about a person you never knew existed. Feel free to use the one above or modify it to match your friendship and what you’ve done together.

Know someone has a secret crush on a classmate? You could use this to make them admit it! Hopefully, you won’t share it on your story without their permission!

You can either use fill in the blank with words or emojis, both are fun ways to play the game and partially depends on what the sentence says. Or the person could use a combination of words and emojis.

That wraps up our Snapchat story games and hopefully gave you lots of good questions and challenges to use with friends. These are great to jump-start a conversation or break the ice on a new chat. They are also a good way to get to know things about new friends.

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite game or if you know of a new one that we didn’t cover above and how it worked out with your story!



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