Shocking Teenage Use of Social Media Statistics in 2023

Shocking Teenage Use of Social Media StatisticsPresently, social media has undeniably become an integral part of teenagers’ lives.

With the escalation and expansion of smartphones and easy internet access, adolescents have embraced these online platforms as a means of communication, self-expression, and entertainment.

Delving into the teenage use of social media statistics reveals both the positive and negative implications of this pervasive trend.

Read on to learn more about the findings researchers gathered in this article!

Key Statistics

  • Social media consumes too much time for about 36% of teenagers
  • A significant majority (around 75%) of teenagers are present on at least one social media platform
  • YouTube holds the top position as the preferred social media platform among teenagers, with a usage rate of 95%
  • A considerable proportion (about 54%) of teenagers would face challenges if they tried to quit using social media
  • Roughly 80% of parents have put in place rules and boundaries regarding their children’s smartphone and social media usage
  • Smartphone ownership is prevalent among teenagers, with 95% having one
  • Teenagers typically invest about nine hours per day on social media
  • The internet is actively used by a remarkable 97% of teenagers
  • 63% of teenagers have observed a rise in their social media usage compared to the time before the pandemic
  • Around 23% of teenagers experience the negative effects of cyberbullying

Social Media and Internet Usage among Teenagers: Statistics and Impacts

1. 36% of Teenagers Admit That They Spend an Excessive Amount of Time on Social Media

According to recent studies, a significant portion of teens, about 55%, feel that they strike the right balance when it comes to the time spent on various social media platforms.

These digital natives have managed to find a middle ground, embracing the benefits while avoiding excessive usage.

However, the allure of social media is not without its pitfalls.

Approximately 36% of teens express concern that they may be devoting too much of their precious time to these apps and websites.

This sentiment highlights the growing awareness of the potential negative effects of excessive screen time on mental well-being and real-world interactions.

Surprisingly, only 8% of teenagers feel that they are spending too little time on social media.

This indicates that the desire for constant connectivity and engagement within their peer groups remains a significant driving force behind their online presence.

(Pew Research Center)

2. At Least 75% of Teenagers Have a Social Media Profile That They Actively Use

According to recent research, a staggering 75% of teenagers have embraced the social media wave, creating and maintaining at least one active profile on popular platforms.

From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Snapchat, these virtual spaces have become essential outlets for self-expression and connection, shaping their social identities in unprecedented ways.

Furthermore, social media appears to have a magnetic hold on the younger generation, with 51% of teenagers admitting to frequenting social media sites on a daily basis.

This regularity in usage showcases the deep integration of social media into their daily routines, making it a vital aspect of their social interactions and engagement.


3. The Majority of Teenagers (95%) Use YouTube More Than Any Other Social Media Platform

From fostering connections to sharing moments and opinions, social media platforms have revolutionized the way young minds interact and express themselves.

However, not all social media platforms are created equal, as each caters to specific interests and preferences of this tech-savvy generation.

Statistics reveal which social media platforms are used by teenagers the most.

The data are as follows:

  • 95% of US teenagers use YouTube
  • 67% of US teenagers use Tiktok
  • 62% of US teenagers use Instagram
  • 59% of US teenagers use Snapchat
  • 32% of US teenagers use Facebook
  • 23% of US teenagers use Twitter
  • 20% of US teenagers use Twitch
  • 17% of US teenagers use WhatsApp
  • 14% of US teenagers use Reddit

(Pew Research Center)

4. 54% of Teenagers Find It Challenging to Give Up Social Media

Inquiring into the notion of relinquishing social media, a recent study revealed that a majority of teenagers, constituting 54%, believe it would present some level of difficulty to bid farewell to their online platforms.

On the other hand, 46% of teens expressed that letting go would be relatively easy.

Notably, the study found a difference in views between genders, with a higher proportion of teen girls (58%) expressing concerns about the challenge of parting with social media compared to teen boys (49%).

Conversely, a noteworthy 25% of teenage boys claimed that abandoning social media would be a breeze, while only 15% of teenage girls held a similar viewpoint.

This points to intriguing insights into the divergent attitudes towards social media dependence among today’s youth.

(Pew Research Center)

5. 80% of Parents Have Established Regulations on Their Children’s Smartphone and Social Media Usage

With this technological boom we are experiencing, parents have found themselves grappling with the challenge of establishing boundaries for their children’s screen time and online presence.

A recent study reveals that a significant 80% of parents have taken proactive measures by setting rules around the use of smartphones and social media platforms for their children.

The findings of the study indicate that parents are not merely setting these rules as empty gestures, but are actively committed to enforcing them.

A notable 75% of these parents report success in ensuring their children adhere to the established guidelines.

Such dedication to monitoring and regulating digital behavior demonstrates the growing awareness among parents about the potential risks and benefits of unrestricted smartphone and social media usage for their children.

(Lurie Childrenā€™s)

6. 95% of Teenagers Possess Smartphones

A recent survey reveals that the majority of teens not only engage with online platforms, but they also have easy access to an array of digital devices.

These devices have become an integral part of their daily lives, providing them with a multitude of opportunities and experiences.

The survey highlights that an astounding 95% of teenagers own smartphones.

These sleek gadgets have become an essential tool for communication, entertainment, and staying updated on the latest trends.

With instant access to the internet and a multitude of applications, smartphones have transformed the way teenagers interact with the world around them.

Furthermore, the study shows that 90% of teens possess desktop or laptop computers.

These more traditional digital tools remain significant, especially for academic purposes, creative endeavors, and professional aspirations.

(Pew Research Center)

7. Teenagers Dedicate Roughly 9 Hours Each Day to Social Media

A recent study reveals that teenagers, on average, spend close to 9 hours each day engaging in various online activities, and that’s not even accounting for the time they dedicate to completing their academic responsibilities.

The appeal of the online realm lies in its vastness and constant connectivity, offering a diverse selection of platforms to explore, communicate, and stay informed.

Social media, online gaming, streaming services, educational resources, and instant messaging apps have become integral parts of a teenager’s daily life, seamlessly integrating into their routines.

While the digital world offers numerous benefits and opportunities for growth, it also raises concerns about the potential drawbacks of excessive screen time.


8. 63% of Teenagers Spent More Time on Social Media Today Than They Did Before the Pandemic

In the modern era, the prevalence of the internet has become an integral part of the lives of young individuals.

A recent study sheds light on the escalating trend of teenage internet users, revealing a noteworthy upswing from 92% in 2014 – 2015 to a staggering 97% at present.

This surge in online engagement has unveiled a significant shift in the way teenagers interact with the digital world.

However, the study goes beyond mere percentages, pointing out a remarkable transformation in internet usage patterns among teens.

Notably, the number of teenagers who claim to be online almost constantly has seen a substantial rise, surging from 24% in 2014 – 2015 to a remarkable 46% today.

This doubling effect underscores the growing attraction of the online space and its tightening grip on the younger generation.

(Pew Research Center)

9. 63% of Teenagers Spent More Time Using Social Media Today than They Did Pre- Pandemic

Social mediaā€™s prevalence has only grown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting various aspects of society, including the habits of teenagers.

According to a report from June 2020, a staggering 63% of parents in the United States revealed that their teenagers had significantly increased their time spent on social media compared to pre-pandemic times.

The pandemic-induced lockdowns and restrictions on in-person interactions compelled teenagers to turn to digital platforms as their primary means of socializing, learning, and entertainment.

With schools shifting to virtual classrooms and physical gatherings discouraged, the fascination of social media proved irresistible for the young and tech-savvy generation.

Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter served as lifelines, enabling them to stay connected with friends and engage with the outside world, although virtually.


10. Cyberbullying Affects 23% of Teenagers

In a groundbreaking study conducted in 2021, an eye-opening revelation about the prevalence of cyberbullying among American teenagers came to light.

The research involved an extensive nationwide survey, encompassing a representative sample of U.S. youth aged 13 to 17.

The study’s findings were both disconcerting and alarming.

The data revealed that a staggering 23% of teenagers surveyed had fallen victim to online bullying within the past month alone.

The pervasiveness of this digital torment highlights the profound impact it has on the well-being of our young generation.

The consequences of cyberbullying are not limited to its victims alone, as the study brought another troubling aspect to light.

Approximately 5% of the surveyed teens admitted to engaging in online bullying, perpetuating the vicious cycle that plagues the digital landscape.

(ACT for Youth)


In conclusion, the prevalence of social media and technology among teenagers has ushered in a new era of connectivity, self-expression, and information sharing, as shown on the latest teenage use of social media statistics.

By recognizing and addressing the impact of social media and technology, we can empower the younger generation to harness the benefits of these tools while reducing the potential risks.

A collaborative effort involving parents, educators, policymakers, and online platforms is crucial in creating a digital landscape that fosters well-rounded, informed, and emotionally resilient teenagers, set to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


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