Why Should Companies Hire A Dedicated Development Team?

Why Should Companies Hire A Development Team

What is a dedicated software development team? Why need to outsource one?

In the modern world as nowadays, outsourcing IT needs is no longer a secret, but it has become a true strategy to get to the results as fast and cost-efficiently as possible. 

What Is The Model Of Dedicated Teams In Software Development?

In general, software outsourcing services comprise many models and sub-services, such as staff augmentation or dedicated teams.

A dedicated team model involves long-term cooperation between the customer (a startup, a mid-size company, or a large enterprise) and vendor (an IT outsourcing company), where the customer has exclusive access to a full-time development team, usually located in a nearshore or offshore location.

For example, you are a tech company in the U.S., and you are short on experts whose expertise is in artificial intelligence technologies, but you cannot afford to hire permanent employees.

You can turn to an IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, such as Orient Software, for a dedicated team of six AI engineers who will be exclusively working on your project.

The vendor is responsible for the team’s staffing, management, and project delivery.

The customer typically has to pay a monthly fee to access this exclusive IT resource.

The team usually consists of three or more members with different specializations (e.g., back-end developers, front-end developers, DevOps engineers).

This model is scalable – it is easy to change the team size and composition in response to customer needs. 

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What Benefits Will Convince You to Contract a Dedicated Development Team?

You might think that you only need a few software specialists to complete your project and that it is more convenient and cost-effective to hire them in-house.

Unfortunately, you have missed a lot of opportunities for growth if you are not considering contracting a dedicated development team. If you are still hesitating, here’s why: 

Save Overall Costs 

With a dedicated development team, you only pay for the actual development hours.

There are no overheads associated with hiring and onboarding full-time employees, such as training and workspace costs.

Additionally, you can effortlessly scale up or down your team size depending on the project’s needs.

It is also more cost-effective to contract a nearshore or offshore team, as they typically charge lower rates than their counterparts in the same country. 

Access To Expertise And Diverse Talent Pool 

You can easily find a dedicated development team with the right skillsets for your project’s needs.

Most IT outsourcing companies have extensive talent pools of highly specialized software engineers with experience in various areas like Blockchain, Machine Learning, and DevOps. 

Streamlined Communication And Agile Workflow 

A dedicated development team is usually managed by a project manager or leader who will take care of the communication on behalf of the customer.

This ensures that all tasks are prioritized correctly and delivered on time with minimal disruption.

Furthermore, Agile methodology is usually adopted for better project management and transparency.

With daily stand-ups and constant feedback, all team members are kept up to date on the project’s progress. 

Quality Assurance And Security 

With a dedicated development team, you are sure that your software product is built with high-quality standards as it goes through rigorous testing procedures such as unit tests and code reviews.

The team can also help you to ensure the reliability and security of your product, as they are experts in the field.

Increased Productivity Of Your In-House Team

You can use the dedicated team to take care of activities that have a low ROI or that your in-house team does not have the capacity for.

This will allow your in-house developers to focus on more mission-critical tasks and help you deliver high-quality projects faster. 

Additionally, a dedicated development team is 100% focused on your project, and they understand its goals and timeline better than any other external resource.

This allows them to work more efficiently and produce higher-quality results than a normal team. 

Optimize Time Management

Optimize Time Management 

With a dedicated software team, you can save time by delegating activities like routine bug fixing, testing processes, or infrastructure setup to the outsourcing partner.

The team will take care of these tasks in an efficient manner while allowing your in-house developers to focus on more challenging tasks.

This way, you can optimize the overall workflow and minimize delays or unexpected setbacks due to a lack of resources. 

Flexible Contract Terms 

Most IT outsourcing companies offer flexible contract terms, meaning that you can modify the team size and composition according to your project needs without having to renegotiate the entire agreement.

This provides organizations with great flexibility and allows them to scale up or down their teams as needed. 

Increasing Market Demand

As reported in Grandview Research, the global IT development outsourcing demand is poised to grow 7.7% year on year, indicating a growing trend towards this model.

More organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of a dedicated development team and turning to IT outsourcing companies for help in developing their projects.

This increased demand opens up more opportunities for customers to find the right partner for their needs. 

These reasons should make it clear why companies should consider hiring a dedicated development team.

With the right partner, you can get a professional and reliable project delivered on time and within budget.

If you are seeking the benefits promised by a dedicated development team, you should contact an experienced IT outsourcing company today. 

With the right partner, you can unlock your project’s full potential and ensure its success.

Through rigorous testing and careful monitoring of quality assurance standards, they will make sure that you get the most out of every penny you spend on your development projects.

Moreover, they can provide valuable guidance and insights that can help you optimize your processes and maximize the efficiency of your teams.

When looking for an outsourcing partner, make sure to find one with a proven track record in delivering projects of quality on time and within budget.

With such a partner by your side, you can have peace of mind that your project is in good hands. Good luck.



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