Three Best Battle Royale Games You Should Try

The battle royale genre is a relatively new format that introduces into the competitive gaming industry the possibility of a full-fledged game in survival mode, where the strongest, most active and cunning player remains the winner and survivor.

The selection will be made up of projects that created and set the trend for this game genre, are incredibly popular, and have their own unique ideas and features that will be of interest to a large number of players.


The full name of the project is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.


It was he who started the trend of popularity and a new genre, which launched a new format and eSports discipline for many years.

The basis of the game engine is the realistic format of the military simulator ARMA 2, but to make it not only interesting for players, but also fun, the general physics were modernized to make the project more dynamic.

The essence of PUBG is that 100 players without weapons and other equipment land on a large territory, in a place where they choose themselves and already at the location they must find weapons, ammunition, equipment, a helmet, body armor and medicine and begin to fight with each other friend for the right to remain the only survivor on the game map.

All players receive a reward depending on what place they take at the end of the match.

The gaming area will also force players to constantly move and get closer to the final point of the battle.

Periodically, random points on the map will be hit with artillery strikes and rare supplies will be dropped to add an element of risk and motivate players to fight more often.

In PUBG, the emphasis is on realism and sometimes weapons will be quite difficult to find, but players will also have access to transport for fast movement and the ability to get to a safe zone that does not receive damage.

It was PUBG that launched the format of the e-sports discipline in the Royal Battle, where groups of 4 players on each team fight against other teams in a survival format, but through teamwork and communication they can achieve many tactics and act like a professional special forces group, which is interesting to watch for the viewer and support one of the teams that will become the champion.

Players can also repeat this experience, landing on a location in twos, threes, fours and go through their own personal experience, progress as a team and who knows, maybe eventually get into e-sports if you bet on this gameplay. and take your game progress and your victories seriously.


A project from Epic Games, which was released under the influence of the growing popularity of PUBG, but with a number of unique features and ideas that will offer you a new experience with Fortnite boosting, unlike other projects.

image 1

Fortnite introduces an element of construction into the entire gameplay, which allows you to build various fortifications for attack and defense from opponents and the main feature of the project is the lightning-fast construction of fortifications out of the blue, where in such a duel it can be decided which of the players can switch between buildings faster and more correctly cover and attack in order to have time to break through the defense and destroy the enemy.

Fortnite uses a cartoonish and comical graphics format, which is very popular among players of all ages.

There are more weapons on the map than in PUBG, but the variety at key points will be different. Some people will get a regular pistol upon landing, while others will get a machine gun right away.

This may seem unfair, but especially in team games, this element of chance adds more entertainment and adrenaline to the match.

Fortnite is loved for constantly updating content, ranging from new weapons and cosmetic items that do not affect the balance during the match, all sorts of comic effects, like a grenade, which, instead of stunning, makes targets dance for a few seconds, and of course regular events and collaborations with stars, like concerts Drake and Eminem are right in the game.

Apex Legends

A project from EA Games, which was created under the influence of PUBG, but like Fortnite, it decided to go its own way, where the general format of the battle was taken, but the main concept and mechanics of the confrontation were changed.

image 2

Due to these uniqueization effects, many players may simply move from battle royale title to title with the feeling that they are playing different games.

PUBG – realism and scale of battles, Fortnite boosting – cartoon graphics and construction elements, Apex – agent system and dynamics of team battles.

Apex Legends allows you to choose your hero for whom you will play in the match – this means that the main gameplay will remain unchanged, and you will still have to look for weapons, ammo, accessories, ammunition and other amplifiers, but each hero will also have their own unique skills that combine well in team battles and simply add advantages in gaining ratings.

Skills usually relate to mechanics of healing, damage to an enemy or territory, making it easier to move to any point on the map, or hiding from enemies, as well as the ability to find any target.

The general objectives do not change, and each player must survive and destroy as many opponents as possible to increase their personal rating.

Each squad can be formed into groups of three people, and it is these teams that confront each other during matches and e-sports tournaments.

Summary Of Genres And Popularity Of The Battle Royale Format

The new format that PUBG brought to the gaming industry created an entire genre that was picked up and refined by other top studios and now every player can take part in the survival format and engage in team play in PUBG, boost ratings in Fortnite, increase the level of the division in Apex Legends and other projects.

Otherwise, you choose the gameplay solely from personal preferences.

If you like realism and large-scale battles, then PUBG will suit you.

If you love dynamics and unique features that directly affect the game match, then Fortnite is for you.

If you like the opportunity to influence the outcome of the match, not only with personal shooting, but also with skills that can be combined in team actions and alone.



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