Instagram Worst Wall List: Scam Alert!

If you're searching for Instagram Worst Wall you either fell for the latest 2019 scam or you are understandably cautious. The claimed worst wall list is a hack, we'll discuss what it is and what to do if you fell for it below.
Worst wall hack, going around in 2019

So you got a DM or message that said you fell on the 2019 Instagram Worst Wall list. Alternatively, it may have said you landed on the “Nasty List” of Instagram. Both are similar hacks that are fishing for your personal information.

Please don’t fall for this! It typically starts where you log into Instagram and see a DM from a friend or family member. It will say you were just added to the worst wall or nasty list.


Below is a typical message that you would get as part of the hack. From there they ask you to click a link to a login page.

Trevor OMG you’re actually on here, @The_Nasty_List_918, your number 35! it’s really messed up.

The message always says you’re a certain number on the list, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc. Commonly in groupings of five.

What Is The Instagram Worst Wall Hack?

When you get the DM it will ask you to click on a link. From there, the prompt will request your username and password. DO NOT SIGN IN! This is a phishing page that mimics the look and feel of Instagram but it isn’t.

Basically, if you login on that page the scammer will have access to your Instagram login details.


Unfortunately, if you click on the link in the DM and login that will allow the hack to send out similar DMs to the list of followers on your Instagram account. Thus this spreads the virus throughout the social media platform.

If you’re like me, I rarely get DMs on Instagram so I would certainly check it if I did. Another tricky part is that ultimately the message suggests you’re on some sort of list indicating your low self-worth. Instagram is a place for people to share highlights of their lives so if you get a message that you are on a bottom-feeding list, that doesn’t feel very good.

Thankfully, people are heading to Reddit and other forums to clarify the risk and whether they are actually in trouble.

What If I Did NOT Login To The Worst Wall List?

This is 2019 and we are all reasonable and cautious with our social media and online profiles. Hopefully, you didn’t login to the page.  If you never entered in your username or password you should be fine. They are unable to gain access to your account and information.

If you haven’t updated your password lately, now is a good time to do so, just to be safe.

Instagram Worst Wall DM example

What If I DID Login To The Worst Wall List?

Change your password immediately. The scammer just got your username and password and can now run their automated script to send out more worst wall hacks to all of your followers.

The thing to realize here is that the DM automated scam technique is not new. It is a fairly simple script that allows the user to gain access to your social media account and send nasty messages, take or change your personal information and do all sorts of other bad things.

Unfortunately, this is a similar spam tactic that the ILOVEYOU virus used in 2000. People got the message and attached was a simple file with a virus in it. That virus then infects all sorts of documents and MP3 files and then sends the same message to everyone in your contact list.

There are no current reports that this bug impacts anything except gaining access to your account and sending out similar DMs to all your followers.

How Can I Prevent The Instagram Worst Wall Scam In The Future?

The best thing to do from here is to go ahead and change your password. Check your DMs to see if the spam message was sent to all of your followers.

A best practice is to turn on two-factor authentication. This authentication will set it so Instagram texts you a unique code when you go to login. To turn it on, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Privacy & Security
  3. Under security, turn on “Two-Factor Authentication”
Two-factor authentication on Instagram

The use of Two-Factor authentication is a great way to prevent anyone from gaining access to your account. The reason is, if they have your username and password it is useless unless they have your phone as well. That is because Instagram will text a code every time you login.

So if they don’t have your phone to get that text code, they can’t login even if they know the true username and password. The power of 2FA!

Warn Your Friends About The Worst Wall Hack

People have been doing a good job of warning their friends. We’ve seen messages, tweets, Facebook posts, Snapchat stories, and of course Instagram posts about it.

The key here is to be safe and never sign in. When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to type in the website url directly or search Google for “Instagram” and login from there. If it is actually real, you would see it on your account.

Other Common Instagram Scams

One of the most common other scams on Instagram is accounts pretending to be certain brands. They will build up an account and act as if they are, say, Patagonia. From there they offer sales and good deals on their fake Instagram posts. People fall for it and buy counterfeit products or are scammed when they enter in their information and credit card into the website’s forms.

Another one to be on the lookout for are messages or accounts that act like they are official Instagram messages/accounts. These scammers will build out a webpage that looks exactly like the login page for Instagram. However, when you log in you give your username and password to a scammer who can then login and messes with your account.

There are all sorts of scams out there with get-rich-quick schemes, selling fake products, fake giveaways where the account never actually gives away a product, etc. Say, for instance, a lifestyle brand you follow could post that if you like and tag a friend on a post they will give one person a gift box. They get thousands of likes and comments and a few days past and they even say, congrats to a certain user for winning. But they never send out a gift, this is a basic form of a scam. The old bait and switch, promise something and then don’t follow through.

The key here is to make sure you are focusing on looking out for scams on Instagram. As it’s become increasingly popular globally, it makes the platform more of a target for scammers. Want to report a scam, you can do so to Instagram here.

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