What Is The General Hourly Rate For An App Developer?

While it may not be the most glamorous part of getting started on the road to creating an effective app, understanding how much it costs to hire an app developer is key in helping you craft your budget accordingly.

Fortunately, this blog post has been specially designed to provide you with all the answers and clarity you need so that you can make an informed decision when budgeting for your project.


Furthermore, we can even help directly with your app development itself so as to give your business plan a leg up! 

What Affects The Cost Of Developing An Application?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify a developer’s fixed hourly rate, as it will depend very much on the project.

The more complex the application needs, the more qualified developers have to do it, and they cost significantly more.

1.) Skills

The more skills, generally, the higher the cost. For instance, if you require full-stack development that covers multiple stages from design to coding, this could dramatically increase the application development costs.


It is also critical to be aware if the application developer has expertise in any specialties that go hand-in-hand such as UI/UX design; these typically will not have an additional cost per hour for services rendered.

2.) Experience

Experience serves as a crucial differentiator when it comes to the cost and quality of services offered by mobile app developers.

A degree or certification may prove that a developer has acquired certain skills, but it will not always guarantee a high-quality outcome.

This is why those who have spent many years perfecting their craft and garnering positive feedback will charge more for their service.

3.) Project Complexity

More complex applications tend to cost more because these projects require developers to engage in greater problem-solving and experimentation.


A type of application that is particularly complex is mobile development, as developers need to make sure that the app functions properly across a wide variety of platforms, resolutions, and devices.

4.) Location

The location has a great deal of power and can make all the difference in determining the rate of pay when it comes to freelancing.

Those individuals that live in a higher standard of living countries with more costly markets usually charge more as their services demand higher remuneration.

This contrast is seen plainly when looking at app developers from the USA and Ukraine, where American coders tend to have rates seven times higher than Ukrainian app developers.

5.) Technology

Technology has become a major catalyst for businesses, but the cost of using tech-related services can be a costly investment.

The cost to hire a developer depends heavily on what type of technology you need and rare technologies typically come with a higher price tag.

Average Mobile App Developer Salary

A lot depends on the region from which the developer comes. Based on the average data by region, you can roughly form the developer’s hourly rate.

What is the average salary of a mobile app developer:


If you need an entry-level developer, his salary can range from $30 to $37 per hour. In more expensive cities to live in, like Los Angeles, 42-50 dollars.

At the same time, a mid-level developer receives from 38 to 45 dollars per hour of work. Senior developers usually get paid between $45 and $60 per hour, depending on their experience.


Junior developers are asking $20 to $30, while mid-level programmers are already getting $33 to $42. High-level developers deservedly ask from $44 to $52.


Entry-level professionals usually get between $18 and $27, but those with more experience can easily charge $25-35. Senior programmers charge an average of $35 to $50 for their services.


The salary of a junior application developer is in the order of $10-13, but mid-level programmers usually receive between $13 and $21. Senior professionals reasonably receive between $20 and $30.


An inexpensive country where a junior developer works for 5-10 dollars. You can hire a mid-level developer for your team for 12-21 dollars, and top-class specialists work for 20-25 dollars.


The average rate for a novice mobile app programmer is between $2 and $5. In this case, the creator of applications of the middle level is from $5 to $11. Senior coders expect pay in the region of $10 to $18.


Some junior specialists work for as little as $1 an hour, and their rate does not exceed $4. Experienced programmers expect $3-5, while senior developers get $4-7.

Ways To Collaborate With Mobile App Developers

There are several ways to cooperate with mobile application developers.


When the cost of creating an app is the main concern, hiring a freelance mobile app developer directly may prove to be the most budget-friendly solution.

Typically, the rates for freelancers per hour may range from the least expensive Chinese or Indian coders at about $5 per hour to the more expensive hourly rate of US coders at up to $120 per hour.

This wide range gives anyone the opportunity to find an affordable rate that fits their budget. Although the cost of the freelance rate is a primary factor, it should not be the only worry.

The full cost of hiring a mobile app developer also includes the additional recruitment and hiring hassles that inevitably come with doing it yourself.

Hiring Through An Agency

When looking to hire a coder, recruiting agencies can be a great option. Leveraging the services of a professional agency not only saves you time and resources but speeds up the process of finding and picking qualified candidates.

In terms of cost, it is generally associated with an hourly rate for the chosen developer and compensating the agency for their services.

The one major drawback to this approach is that without having technical expertise, it might be difficult to have confidence in an agency’s ability to find and assess candidates correctly.

Hiring With A Staff Augmentation Company

Out staffing companies provide a great solution to businesses that need more technical expertise but don’t have the capacity or resources to undertake the recruitment process.

The cost of hiring with an out staffing company will depend on their pricing policy, but usually, it’s comprised of an hourly rate plus a markup.

This fee offers businesses far more than just experienced developers; it also alleviates the pressures of recruitment, as well as eliminates any complications when the project has been completed and the contract finishes.

This makes hiring with an outstaffing company not only reliable and convenient but incredibly cost-effective too.

Where To Order The Development Of A Mobile Application?

With mobile applications becoming one of the most popular technological tools in today’s world, there has never been a better time to begin development.

Hiring through a staff augmentation company is often the best choice when beginning mobile app development services. provides its customers with excellent options for ordering mobile applications with great efficiency and easy communication between parties.

They have an impressive portfolio of mobile applications that have worked for countless businesses and individual needs, which sets them apart from other mobile app creators.

With JatApp’s expertise along with their mobile application custom tailored for each individual customer need, you won’t regret ordering through them for your mobile application development operational needs!



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