Handling Mail At A Virtual Business Address

The idea of having a separate secure location for your mail will sound appealing to anyone who struggles to get mail to their current address.

Students living in shared accommodation or people with no fixed address can create this alternative address for any important mail and deliveries.

This means more peace of mind about receiving important documents, such as bills, bank cards, or government correspondence.

It is also advantageous for anyone working freelance or self-employed who needs something more professional than a residential mailing address.

Residential addresses may be convenient for some deliveries and personal correspondence, but they aren’t ideal when working with other companies and major clients.

It immediately makes you look like an inexperienced start-up that may not be 100% reliable. A new location in the center of a large city changes all that.

Local businesses may be far more inclined to take your business card and work with you. So how does it work, and why can’t you just get a PO box instead?


Why Not Use A PO Box Instead?

PO box locations are a good idea in some circumstances because they provide a safe location away from a residence or building and a little more discretion.

Owners can rent the box and have their mail and packages delivered there without having to worry about delivery times and the volume of mail.

They can then access the location at a convenient time. The problem is that you can’t register a business in a PO Box.

So, if you are just starting out with a new business venture and want a legitimate business address when registering the company, you need an alternative solution.

That is where these virtual office locations can help. It is possible to register from these locations.

How To Deal With Mail At A Virtual Office

So how does all this work? Well, it’s actually pretty simple once you have your location up and running.

Your new business address acts as a holding area for your mail, but also as a more functional mail room.

The best companies offering a virtual address for your LLC will have staff on hand to handle what comes in.

They can also provide plenty of information and online tools for managing everything. It all starts with finding a location and getting it officially registered.

With this formality out the way and the right package, you can then focus on handling the mail as it arrives. Here are some of the key points to get started.

1) Finding The Right Location

The first step is to decide where you want your address to be. There are different approaches you can take here. You might want to start with something in the local area – where possible.

For example, if you live in the suburbs of a major city and don’t want to use your residential address, you can pick something more suitable in the city center.

This means you are still clearly a local business, but one with a bit more credibility. You may be able to choose from several locations if you work with the best virtual business address providers.

That means you can decide between something in an area that favors your industry or somewhere that makes you seem a little more high-end.

The alternative is to pick something in a completely different city. This offers a way of expanding your operations or working within a better market.

2) Choosing The Right Plan

Once you have a company in mind, you can look at the different plans they provide. These will differ depending on the services and perks, with the price increasing the more you need.

Basic packages for residential use, more expensive business ones that allow for business registration, and bigger packages with phone deals. Look at the costs, as well as the fees incurred for using specific services.

This will give you an idea of how to budget for this expense. While there are short-term expenses and monthly fees to consider, it is still more cost-effective than opening up a physical office and keeping that running.

You can also upgrade your plan at a later date if you feel you need something more comprehensive.

Getting The Address Registered

3) Getting The Address Registered

There is some important paperwork to consider before you can get started. You may choose to use the business address to finally register your business.

You will also need to register the address with the USPS to receive mail. This is pretty easy with File Form 1583.

Your new business address provider may be able to help with this process with guidance on filling out the form, supplying two legitimate forms of ID, and getting the approval efficiently.

Once all that is in place, you are free to use this address under your business’ name and receive mail from clients, suppliers, and more.

4) Receiving The Mail

All your new business mail will arrive at the address selected and pass over to the trained staff. They are then responsible for handling it and keeping it safe for you.

The best companies are smart, efficient, and consumer-friendly. They will provide online portals and apps where you have immediate access to your inbox and the mail within it.

You will be able to see what has arrived and who sent it. You are then in full control of how to proceed. This could include push notifications on your phone, for immediate knowledge.

5) Dealing With The Mail

There should then be plenty of options for handling the mail. Some users will opt to have the mail redirected as it is or to pick it up in person.

Some companies will also agree to open the mail and scan the contents so you can read it before you physically receive it. This can be crucial with any time-sensitive documents.

You can even ask them to shred and dispose of anything unwanted. Whatever the task, they will handle it with no breach of privacy and with complete care.

Is A Virtual Business Address Right For You?

If you need an address for your company that’s more professional and appealing to clients, this is the way to go. It doesn’t take long to set up an address in a prime location.

Soon enough, you can start giving out the address to clients and other companies and have these skilled teams take care of all the incoming mail.



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