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In an age where social media stalking has become commonplace, many are keen to find a profile tracker for Facebook.

The hope is that these profile tracker apps will show them who has been viewing their Facebook profile.

However, the sad truth is that many apps claiming to provide this functionality don’t.

Plenty of apps can help you track your profile and activity on Facebook.

But most can only offer you the information you already see on Facebook.

Tracker apps like Profile Tracker, Follow Analyzer Insight, and The Profiler have their uses.

But only sophisticated monitoring software like Eyezy can review who has visited your profile.

This post will provide a comprehensive list of the best Facebook profile tracker apps available.

We’ll also give you all the information you need regarding the best social media monitoring software on the market.

The Best Profile Tracker For Facebook

A few of the many Facebook profile trackers in the Google Play and Apple app stores offer some truly valuable features.

While most won’t let you see who has visited your profile, all will help you track other important activity.

Below we list our top recommendations for the best Facebook profile tracking app and the features they provide:

1. Profile Tracker

Profile Tracker is incredibly popular among Facebook users, offering some handy features.

It’s a great way to organize and monitor the profiles of your Facebook friends and those who follow you. 

The app lets you prioritize specific profiles and view their recent activity with one click.

And it’s absolutely free to download from the Google Play app store.

But you should note that there are in-app purchase options to gain more features.

Some users have mentioned that it can slow down your device.

However, this tracker has been downloaded by over 5 million users and currently boasts a rating of 4.1 stars. 

2. Influxy

With over 1 million downloads, it’s easy to understand why we’ve added the Influxy app to our profile tracker list.

This powerful app lets users monitor friends and followers across Facebook and Instagram.

And it shows you everything they have been up to on each platform.

This includes who has unfollowed or blocked you and who has viewed your content.

The app also lets you know when one of your friends or followers changes their username or handle.

You’ll even be able to see posts and stories that others have set as private or for close friends only.

Influxy has an impressive rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play and 4.7 stars on the Apple app store. 

3. Follow Analyzer Insight

Also available in the Google Play app store, Follow Analyzer Insight is one of the most downloaded tracking apps.

This app claims it will show who viewed your Facebook profile, whether they’re friends or not.

The app also offers a host of features for users to analyze follower activity across Facebook.

This way, you’ll get a quick snapshot of what a particular friend has posted, liked, commented on, and more.

With an overall rating of 4.3 stars, it’s easy to see why this app is so popular.

However, the design of the app is somewhat basic. And it doesn’t offer as many features as some of the other apps on this list.glen carrie ra4vJwxnvAo unsplash

5. The Profiler

Another way to keep tabs on your Facebook friends’ activity is to install The Profiler app.

In fact, this app also lets you monitor your Instagram followers. It offers a convenient way to manage and view what specific users are up to.

While some users have complained that the app is slow, it’s received some rave reviews.

And it still has over 500,000 users with an above-average rating.

The Profiler prevents you from having to search and scroll through Facebook for the friends you’re most interested in.

6. Social Detective

Social Detective is a popular Android app that gives you quick access to the friends and followers that matter.

The app works on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

And with an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, it’s still free to use.

Use the app to see a complete list of your followers across both platforms.

And enjoy easy access to individual profiles and general user activity from that list.

Social Detective lets you sort your follower list so you have complete control over the profiles you can access easiest.

The Best Software For Advanced Facebook Profile TrackingeyeZy Facebook monitoring app

The above profile tracking apps may be ideal for viewing follower activity at no cost.

But if you’re interested in tracking every move a user makes on Facebook, specialized phone monitoring software is your best bet.

Eyezy is the ultimate phone monitoring application, giving you access to a particular user’s activity online.

This software is typically used by parents who want to ensure the safety of their children as they engage with others online.

And it comes with some incredibly impressive features, allowing you to protect your loved ones effectively. 

Eyezy: Powerful Social Media Monitoring Features

EyeZy blocker

These are some of the amazing features you’ll have at your disposal when you choose Eyezy for your Facebook monitoring needs:

  • View every photo and video your loved one posts.
  • See all the likes and comments they make on other people’s posts.
  • Read the comments others are making on your loved one’s posts.
  • Gain access to their private messages in Facebook Messenger to ensure their conversations are safe.
  • Grab screenshots of your loved one’s activity on Facebook or Facebook Messenger.
  • Receive the notifications your loved one is receiving from Facebook.
  • Track how long they spend on Facebook and when they’re logging on and off.
  • Set up alerts for specific keywords or behavior.

Over and above these features, Eyezy’s software also lets you monitor activity on other platforms and the phone itself.

Take a look at some of the other features you’ll get when you create an Eyezy account:

  • Monitor activity and messages on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, and more.
  • Receive a record of every keystroke made on the user’s phone.
  • Track browsing history and block certain websites unsuitable for your loved one.
  • Use the Geofencing feature to set safe zones. And receive alerts when your loved one crosses over to an area you’ve marked as unsafe.
  • Pinpoint your loved one’s location in real time and view the history of their movements.
  • View your loved one’s call log, including who they spoke to, what time they spoke, and the duration of the call. 

Setting Up Eyezy for Facebook Profile Tracking

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Getting Eyezy set up isn’t difficult. But you will need access to your loved one’s device to complete the set-up.

Simply follow the steps below to start tracking your loved one on Facebook:

  • Open the Eyezy website and sign up for an account by clicking the “Try Now” button on the home page.
  • You’ll be asked to input some personal information and select a username and password.
  • Next, download the Eyezy app on your phone to monitor activity on the go. Use your username and password to log in to your new account.
  • For this step, you’ll need access to the target phone. One to two minutes alone with the phone should be sufficient.
  • Launch the Eyezy app on your device first and tap on the plus sign icon on your screen to link to the target phone.
  • The app will ask you whether you’d like to send a link to the target phone or scan a QR code on your phone with the target phone.
  • If you send a link to the target phone, simply tap on the link to initiate the installation process. Remember to delete the link message received before returning the phone to your loved one.
  • Alternatively, scanning the QR code on your phone with the target phone will start the installation.
  • Eyezy will now install in the background. Which means you can return the target phone to its owner.
  • You can now monitor your loved one’s activity from the Eyezy website dashboard or the app on your phone.

It’s really as easy as that. Now, you can monitor your loved one’s activity on Facebook and beyond.


1. Is It Legal To Track Someone’s Activity On Facebook?

If you’re doing it for their protection, such as in the case of a parent tracking a child’s activity, then yes.

However, secretly tracking someone for your own benefit would be an invasion of privacy.

This is why Facebook hides certain information from the activity logs you can see publicly.

And it’s the reason users have the means to adjust their privacy settings to their liking. 

2. How Can I See Which Profiles I’ve Looked At On Facebook?

You can view a list of your activity on the app by going to the Activity Log on your Facebook profile.

Simply open your profile page and tap on the three dots next to the “Edit Profile” button.

Then scroll down and select “Activity Log”.

3. How Do I View My Profile As Others Would See It?

To see the public view of your Facebook profile, go to your profile page.

Then select the three dots next to the button that says, “Edit Profile”.

On the next page, choose the option “View As”. Now, you’ll see your Facebook profile as others see it.


If you’re looking for an efficient way to track a profile on Facebook, there’s no better app for the job than Eyezy.

With its many useful features, you can ensure your loved ones are protected online.

While there are free apps for tracking follower activity, none have the advanced capabilities of Eyezy .



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