Sprint Text Message History Hack

Sprint account holders may look for a Sprint text message history hack to view their old messages.


Or perhaps you’d like to view the text message history of another Sprint account holder. Either way, retrieving that message history can sometimes be tricky.

Essentially, you have four options for accessing Sprint text message history. If you’re looking for your own message history, you can view it on your phone or via the Sprint website.

Sprint’s customer service team may be able to assist if you struggle to find the messages. Alternatively, you could use Eyezy’s phone monitoring software to access someone else’s Sprint message history.

This article will give you the tools you need to access old Sprint text messages and more. Keep reading to discover the solution to your challenge.


4 Effective Sprint Text Message History Hack Options

If you’d like to access your Sprint message history, there are four different approaches you can choose from.

But before we get stuck into these methods, it should be noted that these solutions won’t work for deleted messages.

Sprint does not keep a record of the content of your text messages. Therefore, once a message is deleted from your device, you can no longer access it. 

We would also like to point out that Sprint merged with T-Mobile in April 2020. And they are in the process of shifting from Sprint to the T-Mobile brand.

Therefore, Sprint will be done away with soon and referred to as T-Mobile. That said, you can still access the Sprint website as of writing this article.


Without further ado, let’s dive into the four different methods for accessing old Sprint text messages.

1. View Text Message History On Your Phone

If the old text messages haven’t been deleted, you should still be able to see them on your phone.

Simply open your text messaging app and scroll through your messages as far back as possible. If there’s a specific message you’re looking for, use the search bar at the top of your messaging app to find it.

Remember that older messages are sometimes archived by your phone to save space. So, if you’re looking for a really old text message, check your Archives folder too.

It may also be worth looking in your Junk messages folder if you struggle to find the message. But remember that deleted messages cannot be retrieved.

2. Access Your Message Logs Online

Most Sprint account holders will have set up access to their account via the Sprint website. This makes viewing bills, usage, and updating your services easier.

If you haven’t set up an online account, you can use your Sprint mobile and identification numbers.

Once your account is set up, you can log in to view data relating to your account. This includes call and text message logs.

Unfortunately, these logs won’t show you the content of the messages sent and received. This is because Sprint does not keep a record of this information.

However, the logs will show you the date and time your messages were received or sent. And they’ll show you the numbers that sent and received those messages.

Sprint lets you access this information and more from your Sprint account dashboard. You can also download logs, reports, bills, and more. 

2. Contact Sprint Customer Support

Call customer support if you’re struggling to view your text message logs on the Sprint website or messages on your phone.

Sprint’s customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable and efficient. And they should be able to help you retrieve your text message logs reasonably quickly.

However, Sprint’s customer service representatives won’t be able to see the content of your text messages.

Therefore, they aren’t able to share this information with you. But they can assist you with almost anything else related to your Sprint account.

Use Message Monitoring Software To See Someone’s Text Message History

Perhaps you’d like to access someone else’s text message history. This is often the case when a parent wants to see who has been texting their child. Keeping your loved one safe when texting, calling, browsing, or using social media on their phones is easy. All you need is a reputable phone monitoring app to keep tabs on their activity.

Eyezy is the ideal phone monitoring software for checking your loved one’s Sprint text message history.

You can use the app to scroll through old messages, view new ones, and receive notifications when messages come through. You can even download their messages to your phone to keep as a record. 

The app does all this and much more while remaining completely hidden from the target user. So, they’ll have no idea you’ve been viewing their activity and accessing their messages.

Setting up Eyezy is super straightforward. However, you will need access to the target phone for a minute or so to install the software. Other than that, the process is incredibly easy.

How to Set Up EyezyEyeZy

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to set up the Eyezy app on the target phone:

  • Hop onto the Eyezy website to create an account for yourself.
  • Download the Eyezy app from the Google Play or Apple app stores to your device.
  • Log in to your account via the app using the username and password you input when you created your account.
  • Get hold of the target phone, making sure you have at least a minute or two alone with it.
  • Open the Eyezy app on your phone and select the plus sign icon at the top of the screen.
  • Eyezy will ask you whether you’d like to send a link to the target phone or receive a QR code to scan with the target phone.
  • If you send a link to the target phone, open it on that phone and tap on the link. This will initiate the Eyezy app download process in the background.
  • Remember to delete the message you sent to the phone to ensure the user doesn’t see it.
  • If you choose to scan a QR code, the code will appear on your device, and you’ll need to scan it using the target device’s camera. After this, the app will start downloading in the background.
  • Make sure you delete any activity history if you spent any time scrolling through the phone while installing the Eyezy app.
  • There’s nothing more for you to do on the target phone. You can place it back where you found it and rest assured, knowing that the Eyezy app is hidden and operating in the background.  

Powerful Eyezy App Features


With the Eyezy app installed on the target device, you can do much more than just monitor Sprint text messages. This robust phone monitoring system ensures you always have your loved ones in your sights.

These are just some of the fantastic features you can enjoy with the Eyezy app:

  • Call Logging: See who calls your loved one and when. You’ll have access to their call history and can set up alerts for calls received or made to specific numbers.
  • GPS Tracking: View your loved one’s movements in real time. Pinpoint exactly where they are if you need to, and monitor where they’ve been.
  • Geofencing: This feature gives you the power to determine which areas are safe and which are not. You’ll be alerted immediately if your loved one enters an area you’ve deemed unsafe.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Monitor activity on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. See their posts, comments, likes, and private conversations.


1. Will My Text Messages Appear On My Itemized Sprint Bill?

No. You’ll only see a record of when messages were sent. The bill will detail the date and time of the message and the number it was sent to. 

2. Can I See Deleted Sprint Text Messages? 

Unfortunately, not. Sprint does not keep a record of these in a way that you can have access to them.

3. How Can I Retrieve A Deleted Sprint Text Message?

The only way to access your deleted Sprint text message is through law enforcement services. This will only happen if your messages are needed for a criminal investigation.

A criminal case must be opened, and only messages relating directly to the case can be retrieved.


Viewing your Sprint text message history is easy if the messages are stored and not deleted. And if you’d like to see someone else’s Sprint text message history, you’ll need a powerful phone monitoring app.

Eyezy is one of the best phone monitoring apps on the market, making the perfect solution for your Sprint text message history quandary. 



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