How To Hack OnlyFans

Are you concerned for someone’s safety and want to know how to hack OnlyFans? If so, this article aims to provide you with the relevant skills and know-how to access their OnlyFans account.


Ensuring the safety of your kids and loved ones while online isn’t easy. That is why it’s essential to know how to keep an eye on them for their own good.

Hacking into an OnlyFans account isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are four different methods you could employ.

Using an SQL injection is one option, and resorting to phishing tactics is another.

And you could always hire a professional hacker to do the job for you. However, utilizing a phone monitoring app is by far the easiest solution.


Let’s dive into the methods and steps you’ll need to hack that OnlyFans account.

How To Hack OnlyFans

If you’ve scrolled anywhere on social media over the past year, you’ve likely heard about OnlyFans.

It’s a platform that allows content creators to share personal images and videos.

This content is often sensitive and intended for an adult audience. To view the content, users must pay a subscription fee to the account holder.

This exclusive platform has given many influencers and content creators a way to make a living with their content.


However, it’s also made it easier than ever for children to access content they probably shouldn’t be seeing.

And it’s opened young, impressionable adults to would-be stalkers and trolls.

Given this, it’s easy to understand why one would want to keep a watchful eye on a loved one’s OnlyFans account.

Whether it’s your child, a family member, or a friend, having the skills to hack their OnlyFans account could help. And there are four key methods you can choose from.

1. Use A Phone Monitoring App To Hack OnlyFans

Setting up a phone monitoring app to hack the OnlyFans account is the easiest approach.

However, you’ll need access to the user’s mobile phone to pull this one off. 

There are numerous phone monitoring apps you could use.

But we recommend opting for Eyezy. Eyezy is available for Android and Apple devices and comes with many handy features.

Eyezy Home

These are just some of the fantastic features you’ll have at your fingertips with Eyezy:

See Online Activity: You’ll have access to the user’s browsing history. So, you’ll see if they’ve visited OnlyFans and what they’ve been up to there.

Remote Screenshotting: Eyezy provides the tools to take screenshots of the user’s activity on the platform.

These screenshots can be taken remotely from your phone and will be completely anonymous.

Screen Recorder: Record the user’s screen and activity in real time without them knowing.

This means you’ll also have a record of the user’s comments and messages, even if they delete them.

GPS Tracking: This feature is the ideal way to keep tabs on where your loved one is at any given moment. You can also view where they’ve been with tracking history.

EyeZy pinpoint

Geofencing: Set up safe zones and receive alerts when your loved one crosses into a zone you’ve deemed unsafe.  

Secret Mic: Android users can take advantage of this feature which lets them listen to what’s going on around their loved one no matter where they are.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available to iPhone users.h

Social Media Monitoring: With Eyezy, you can monitor your loved one’s activity across multiple social media platforms.

These include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.eyeZy Social Spotlight

Here’s what you’ll need to do to set up Eyezy and hack OnlyFans:

Register With Eyezy

Before you install Eyezy on the user’s phone, you’ll need to create an account. So, head over to the Google Play or Apple App Store, search for Eyezy, and install it. 

Follow the instruction to create a username and password for your profile. Once your account is set up, you’re ready for step

Install Eyezy On The User’s Phone


You’ll now need access to the user’s phone. This is the trickiest part of the process but can be done very quickly to accommodate the smallest window of opportunity. 

When set up and open, you’ll see a plus sign in your phone’s top right-hand corner of the Eyezy screen. Tap this plus sign to link the user’s device to your Eyezy account. You can opt to send a link to the user’s device or use a QR code to facilitate the link.

Tap the link or scan the QR code using the user’s phone to install the Eyezy app. After installation, follow the permissions steps on the screen to allow yourself access to their activity. 

Monitor Their OnlyFans Activity

Once your devices are linked, you can view the user’s activity remotely. Eyezy lets you see exactly what the user is up to without them knowing. After set-up, you’ll know your loved one is safer now that you can monitor their activity.

2. Use SQL Injection To Hack OnlyFans

SQL injection is a method commonly used by hackers to obtain the usernames and passwords in a given database.

This technique will give you the tools to access someone’s OnlyFans account, even if you’re not a subscriber.

While it helps to understand coding, there are hacker forums online where hackers offer suggested inputs.

This allows inexperienced hackers to extract information, such as photos and videos, from an OnlyFans account. 

3. Hack OnlyFans Through Phishing

Phishing is one of the most popular techniques hackers use to access private accounts. You’ve likely seen notices when banking online warning customers of recent phishing attacks aimed at accessing their accounts.

And it’s one of the most effective methods for viewing an OnlyFans account you otherwise don’t have access to.

To execute your phishing plan, you must create a landing page that looks exactly like the OnlyFans login page.

The difference is that this page is owned by you and linked to your email. Send your loved one a link to this landing page, encouraging them to log in to their OnlyFans account. 

When they input their login details, the username and password will secretly be sent to your email address.

With these details, you’ll be able to log in to their account and view their activity without them knowing.

4. Hire A Professional To Hack OnlyFans

If you’re unsure how to go about hacking OnlyFans, hire a professional hacker to do it for you. With a little searching online, you’ll find hacker forums where hackers congregate to share tips and advice.

This is a great place to ask questions and source a hacker for your needs.

Another option is to place a job post on a freelancing platform looking for someone with the necessary skills to hack OnlyFans.

Remember that most reputable freelancer platforms have strict rules about the types of services you’re allowed to request. Therefore, you must read the platform’s terms and conditions to avoid getting into trouble.


1. Is It legal To Hack OnlyFans?

Hacking is considered a criminal act and shouldn’t be encouraged. However, you may want to access an account for someone’s safety.

This could be a child or a loved one. In that case, using trusted phone monitoring software like Eyezy is the best and most lawful approach.

2. What Is A Good Reason To Hack OnlyFans?

Perhaps you have children with social media accounts and suspect they might be accessing content OnlyFans.

In that case, you may need to hack OnlyFans to ensure they aren’t viewing content inappropriate for their age. 

Alternatively, maybe a loved one is using OnlyFans in a way that might be risky or unsafe. In this instance, you may want to ensure they are not putting themselves in harm’s way.

Then hacking their OnlyFans would allow you to monitor their activity.

3. Can I Download Content Or Messages From Another User’s OnlyFans To My Phone?

Yes. With Eyezy, you’ll have the tools to record activity, take screenshots, and send direct messages to your device. And you’ll be able to do all this remotely without the user knowing.


Learning to hack into the OnlyFans platform or a specific account is easier than you might think.

And while hacking is universally frowned upon, it may be the only way for you to ensure your child or loved one is safe online.

Give one of the options above a try to gain access to the account you’d like to view. For the quickest, most straightforward, and risk-free approach, consider Eyezy your best option.



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