What Does The Gold Heart ? Mean On Snapchat?

You're a Snapchat pro, right? Well then, what does the Gold Heart ? mean? We're seeing it everywhere these days and that's why we wanted to dive into the meaning and some other cool tidbits.
The ? gold heart on Snapchat means you are best friends with that person, you both send the most snaps to each other and, well, are BFFs through and through.

BUT, there’s a ton more hidden inside of the gold heart and some questions you may still have.

Let’s try to dig a bit deeper than just the 1st level.

Want to skip ahead, check out the common questions below:

snapchat gold heart

Meaning Of The Snapchat Gold Heart

Snapchat uses emoji to designate your friendship level with various people.

The sequence goes from gold heart to red heart to pink hearts.

Here’s a breakdown of when you get each:

  • Gold Heart / Yellow Heart (?): As noted above, this means you and the other person are #1 friends on Snapchat, you send the most snaps to each other
  • Red Heart (❤️): You and your BFF on Snapchat have been #1 friends for 2 weeks straight!
  • Pink Hearts (?): You and your BFF on Snapchat have been #1 friends for 2 months straight! Keep it up!

So when you see the gold (yellow) heart you have a special connection with that person in that you are both each others #1 friend.

snapchat gold heart meaning

My Snapchat Gold Heart Disappeared!

You wake up in the morning, check Snapchat, and realize that your gold heart just disappeared.

Not sure what happened? Unfortunately, the reason is that you aren’t each others #1 friend anymore.

If you want to get rid of the gold heart, it’s as easy as not sending snaps to each other.

There are 2 potential reasons for this:

  • Your friend started snapping with someone else more often than you, meaning you are not their #1 Snapchat friend.
  • You started snapping someone else, maybe a new boyfriend or a new classmate, meaning the old friend you had a gold heart with isn’t who you snap the most often anymore.
Want to get it back? That part is pretty easy, just send a message to the person and tell them the gold heart disappeared and that you both should start sending each other more snaps!

Snapchat Gold Heart vs. Red Heart: What’s The Difference?

You may be surprised to see that your gold heart on Snapchat suddenly turned red.

As mentioned above, it’s not anything to worry about, it’s actually a good thing!

That means you both have been #1 friends for 2 weeks or more.

Basically, this is a way to celebrate your friendship and how long it has lasted!

If you keep it up, after 2 months you’ll notice it change to two pink hearts, this is the highest level of friendship on Snapchat and means you both have been #1 friends for 2 months or more!

Dang girl, get it!

Snapchat Gold Heart Not Turning Red

So you know what should happen, eventually that gold heart turns red, but it’s not turning fast enough.

There are two potential reasons for this.

  • It simply hasn’t been long enough for the gold heart to turn red, you have to wait for 2 weeks until it will change.
  • If your gold heart disappears for a time, even if it is for a few hours, the counter will reset. That means you’ll have to wait 2 weeks from when you last got the yellow heart.

Now that we’ve hopefully answered all your questions about the gold heart emoji, let’s cover quickly the rest of the emojis if this sparked any new questions!

Part of the fun with Snapchat is to get more emojis as a sort of friendship achievement.

It’s like getting a gold star in class, but cooler.

Snapchat Friends Emojis
Emoji Name Meaning
? Gold / Yellow Heart You will see this emoji if you are best friends with this person!
❤️ Red Heart You’ve been best friends with this person for 2 weeks now! If you keep it up, you’ll upgrade to the double pink hearts!
? Pink Heart Nice, you’ve been best friends with this person for 2 months now!
? Baby Welp, you’re just not there yet, you’re new to this and just became friends. As you become closer friends and continue to snap with each other you will transition from the baby to one of the other emojis.
? Mutual BFs One of your BFs is one of your friend’s BF as well. If you’re not connected with that person now is a good time so that you can see who your friend is friends with as well. Maybe you even know the person in real life.
? Mutual Besties Your best friend is also this person’s best friend
? Snapstreak This is when you’ve sent a snap back and forth for 3 consecutive days with someone. You’re on a roll! The snapstreak is something people almost obsess over, trying to send a snap every day so they get the longest snapstreak of all their friends. To do this, oftentimes snaps aren’t anything more than a photo of a wall with a heart emoji 🙂
⌛️ Hourglass You better send a snap soon, you likely have less than 4 hours to send a snap before your snapstreak breaks!
? Birthday Party time! It’s your friends birthday, give them a hug and make them a cake 🙂 Of course, this will only show up if you add your birthday on the Snapchat account. You have to verify that you’re above the minimum age of 13 but beyond that, you aren’t required to add your actual birthdate.

Snapchat Emojis Used As A Measurement Of Friendship Quality

It’s well documented that Snapchat uses emojis such as hearts or fire next to a friends name as a measure of how good of friends you are with that person.

Snapchat users have become obsessed with friendship measurements such as snapstreaks.

It’s both ingenious and devious of Snapchat to have these features.

For Snapchat, their goal is to get you on the app every day, which means if you want to upkeep your snapstreak you have to open the app and send out a snap every single day.

This means you and your friend are essentially tied to the app and in many ways associate your emojis on Snapchat with how healthy or strong your friendship is.

The downside to this is the deceptive fact that Snapchat ties your friendship in real life to made-up metrics on the app itself.

It’s similar to how Instagram has hearts or likes, the more likes you get the more you feel like you’re popular or an Instagram influencer.

Both of these examples are where an app dictates self-worth by using a made-up metric.

In fact, Instagram is testing removing likes completely from the app.

This would surely upset a lot of Instagram influencers who measure their success based on how many likes each post gets.

On the other hand, it removes the mental necessity to get more likes in order to feel good about yourself.



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